1. I went to some Scottish games, there I saw a bunch of very white people get badly sunburned. So if you haven’t seen the big scary yellow ball in the sky, be careful.

  2. Scottish people aren’t white… They’re blue and have to tan for weeks to go white. (Thank you, Mr. Billy Connolly. I’d be your groupie any day of the week.)
    Enjoy your extended weekend. I’m going to fire up the hot tub and pray the neighbors are watching. I’d hate for a good show to go to waste.

  3. Billy Connolly is real nasty piece of work… Most people have forgotten how he heartlessly joked about how he was bored with the fact Ken Bigley’s captors had not killed him yet.

    *The 61-year-old comedian told a London audience during an on-stage live performance that he wished Mr Bigley’s captors, who have threatened to behead the British engineer as they have two Americans, would “get on with it”. *

    Most people have just let this slide… maybe they are the type of people who like having a giggle at a man being beheaded?

  4. That’s because Connolly is one of the very few people on this planet that realises that people die daily, and that life goes on.

    If you’re going to get sanctimonioous about someone, make it someone you’re not inferior to, chum!

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