1. A couple days ago, one of my coworkers sent this to our offtopic company-wide mailing list, with a “haha, isn’t this hilarious?!”

    Another coworker apparently didn’t *read* the email, and replied back with a huffy “How could you think this is funny?!”

    I think I found the person who wrote the question in the first place.

  2. My Belarussian (is that correct?) co-worker showed me this yesterday. He found it hilarious that American’s are so stupid. I just sighed because I know it’s true.

  3. Call me a skeptic, but i dont buy it. You take the time to sign up for a yahoo answers account just to ask this one question? But you dont know how to read the news?

  4. Georgia state is 59,425 sq miles in area. I’d ask Jessica B to elaborate on exactly where she was and exactly where she had been looking for the Russians. If she keeps looking she’ll find them I’m sure. Plus I’d send her the what-to-do-when-the-red-army-invades video. Also known as Red Dawn.

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