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Day August 13, 2008

Bubble Shooter

And there goes any chance I had of getting a full night sleep tonight.

The Show

I really miss Ze Frank’s The Show.

Sam and Dave Live – Hold On I’m Coming

Watchmen Poster Comparison

From Trailer Addict:

Below is a poster comparison between the Watchmen posters released at 2008 San Diego Comic Con and the same character posters released by DC Comics back in 1986. Just place your mouse over each image to see the comparison.

Two O’Clock Trailers – Coraline

Question of the Day

What can you see from your window?

My window at work looks out over Brattle Square which is a section of Harvard Square about a block from Harvard Yard. I can see tourists as they scurry along the brick sidewalks stopping without warning to take pictures of various landmarks as a homeless person with a shopping cart full of empty cans weaves in between them. I can see a busker setting up his guitar and amplifier outside of the obscenely priced Hidden Sweets shop as people eating outside at a Bertucci’s glances at him before going back to their conversation. I can also see the small park right outside Brattle where a jazz trio plays sometimes during the summer and where workers go to eat lunch when the weather allows. That’s my window while I’m imprisoned at work.

(Thanks to Abbi for the question)

LOL Bush: The president at the Olympics

The President of the United States.

Man asks people to pray for rain during Obama’s DNC speech

Oh noes!

Focus on the Family guy Stuart Shepard is asking people, in a video he made, to pray for rain on the day Barack Obama gives his speech in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. Shepard, a one-time TV meteorologist according to KOAA, wants it to start raining two minutes before Obama’s speech starts, and he wants that rain to be so hard that it will block out network TV coverage so no one will be able to see or hear Obama’s speech during the DNC.

(via Delicious Ghost)

Christian Preacher vs. Muslim Woman

Christian / Muslim debate goes bad. Young Muslim lady punches a Preacher after calling Mohammed a pedophile.

The rule is simple. When you resort to violence, you lose.

(via Atheist Media Blog)

Where Is Bob?

There’s at least one Bob in every organization.

My name is Anna Shore, and I work as an engineer with the Small IT Group (SITG) at the Big Private University (BPU). We have a manager – Bob. Bob is incompetent, overweight, unattractive, uncouth, socially awkward, and generally, not a very nice person at all. Very soon after Bob became our manager, he began insisting that we (all eight of us) address him as Executive Director. When we realized that he wasn’t joking, we got together and did a lot of soul searching, trying to determine what evil deed in our past could have caused the unfair sequence of events that brought him into our professional lives. But, finally, after a great deal of introspection, we decided that no amount of collective evil was sufficient to justify such a brutal cosmic injustice.

For a while, we were convinced that Bob had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But then, something happened – Bob stopped showing up for work on a regular basis. Several times a week Bob would take a vacation day, a personal day, a sick day. Sometimes he wouldn’t even bother explaining his absence, acting as if spontaneous five-day weekends were simply the norm. And that is how everyone came to wonder – where is Bob? The question became perpetual in the office and among the other people at BPU with whom we work. And that is when I took up my current hobby – keeping chronicles of Bob’s strangeness at the office, and away from it. What is lacking in facts has been more than made up for with an overactive imagination.

This blog is about us, Bob, and the bizarre things that he does instead of coming to work.

(via Miss Cellania)

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