1. Not for me, but then again a bad day on vacation beats the best day at work (unless that vacation day involves intense gastrointestinal problems, which this week has not).
    Only downer this week is sunburned ankles from floating around on a tube in a lake.

  2. Got a flat tire driving from Chicago to St. Louis on Monday afternoon. There’s nothing more fun than changing a tire on the side of the freeway while the semi trucks whiz by you at 70mph. Then have to drive 40 mph with a little doughnut tire. Actually, I can think of two things more fun than that. I shouldnt’ complain though. Life is good.

  3. Annoying characters? Check.

    Atrocious drama? Check.

    Intermittent boredom? Check.

    You’ve-got-to be-^#$!!-kidding-me coincidences? Check.

    Jeez. At least with a movie I get a box of popcorn,

  4. This week sure sucked for my mood and I blame most of it on the weather. I am now seeing the sun for the first time in 7 days so it may finish up better.

  5. just yesterday i was wondering if anyone else was having a crappy week. each day seemed like a lifetime with nothing happifying occuring on any given day, adding to the illusion that the weekend would never come.

    but alas its friday and i cant speak for anyone else, but my day is finally starting to shape up.

    now if i can just get thru the last few hours here i have a 3 day weekend ahead of me.

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