1. Cool.

    Has anyone seen a very convincing looking special on how “the moon landing was faked”? I’ve seen an hour-long special once on the Space network, and I have to admit that I don’t know enough to not be taken in by some of it. The first two I have listed really puzzle me.

    Included in the questions/problems they brought up:

    Why can’t we see the stars in the photos or video?

    Why can’t we see light from the rockets on the lunar lander when it takes off? It looks like it’s being pulled up by cables like how they would do it in a cheap sci-fi show.

    Since they claimed to have no artificial light source, how are some video shots and photographs so clear when people are standing in shadows or with their backs to the sun?

    Why is it that when you speed up the lunar video riding footage by 2X it looks like comparable accelerations (the bouncing up and down) as if it were riding on earth…you should have to speed it up 6X to see an “Earth bouncing” type of look.

    Why do two videotaped walking sessions on the moon, which are supposed to be hours of walking apart geographically, look identical, including a lump/rock/something that sticks out near the bottom left of the screen?

    Why do some shadows in some of the pictures seem to meet up if you extend them? If it’s just all light from the sun, shouldn’t they be parallel?

    Anyway. If it’s come out as blatantly a hoax and I didn’t hear about it, feel free to laugh at me. I remember NASA was angry about it, but I forget the name of the show so I haven’t really looked into it much.

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