1. I just checked the wikipedia page on these little bastards, and it says they hold the world record for “fastest bodypart.” Their jaws close at 145 miles per hour (233 kmph) and exert a force over 300 times their bodyweight.

    But the main point is that the title “fastest bodypart” exists.

  2. Justin, if like me you sought the wikipedia page entitled, “Trap-Jaw Ants,” then i feel validated for having put forth the effort yesterday to make the redirect page to Odontomachus. 🙂

  3. Those little fuckers will take over the world sometime very soon.

    I believe what we just witnessed is their equivalent of the NASA Space Program. Once they’re up to full fitness – they’re coming to get us.

    Superb clip.

  4. This got me on a wiki tangent of looking up Ant Lions (or Doodlebug for those in some parts) – which it turns out are actually larva for a damsel fly type insect. I always thought they were just a predator bug like a spider.

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