T-Rex Replica Skeletons for Sale


STAN T. rex is truly the best T. rex replica available anywhere! Nearly 40 feet long and 12 feet high at the hips. The strong, steel support structure is hidden within the bones, allowing the eye to follow the in-motion appearance of this impressive, crowd-pleasing fossil skeleton replica.

Each STAN T. rex skeleton is constructed according to your creative needs, allowing you to fashion a more dynamic exhibit. Whether you want your skeleton walking, stalking, attacking, running, jumping or looking your visitors right in the eye, we welcome your input, so long as the pose requested is natural and anatomically possible. Constructed modularly with no section more than 6 feet long, this incredible specimen can be assembled by an experienced crew of six in just under an hour!

How much is it?

Price: $100,000.00

Ehhhh. Does that include Shipping?

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  1. “Crate construction and Packing is an additional $5000.00”

    Yikes! They also have an option to buy just one of STAN’s feet for $3500. Someday…

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