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“I don’t think Osama bin Laden sent those planes to attack us because he hated our freedom. I think he did it because of our support for Israel, our ties with the Saudi family and our military bases in Saudi Arabia. You know why I think that? Because that’s what he fucking said! Are we a nation of 6-year-olds? Answer: yes.
-David Cross ”

And the Winner of the 10 Million Zimbabwe Dollars is…

I just went to random.org to draw the winner.

And the Winner is…………. Comment number 36, LL who said:

xe.com has this worth
0.00053528813 USD

That note is worth more as recycled paper than as currency.

Having said that, I still hope I win. Anything that my god, Cynikitty, has touched is priceless to me.

Congratulations LL. You are a proud owner of the hyperinflated 10,000,000.00 Zimbabwe bank note. There’s been much speculation in the comment thread on how much this note is actually worth and some people have pointed out that the bill has already expired which is true but hardly the reason why it’s worthless as currency. The inflation rate for the Zimbabwean dollar was somewhere around 10,500,000 at the end of June and is much higher now.

At the time of expiration, the exchange rate was
10,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollar = 0.0009579 US Dollar
which made it slightly less than a tenth of a penny.

The exchange rate today is even less than that:
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
10,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) = 0.0004920 US Dollar (USD)

As currency it is worthless but as a collector’s item it does have some value. I bought the note off eBay for $406,540,000,000.00. And that’s not even including postage which will cost me at the very least another 8 billion. But to me, $406 billion+ is a small amount to pay for my readers.

Wikipedia’s entry for the Zimbabwean dollar.

The 10 Million Dollar Delurking Contest

Judging from my stats, the majority of people who read this blog never comment. Commenting is not necessary of course but it is nice to hear from readers and if I can’t get you to comment by just posting about any particular topic, perhaps I need to bribe you. So I will award one lucky reader 10 million dollars for commenting on this post. If you wish to enter the contest, just leave a comment on this thread with a valid email address and I will use a random number generator to pick a commenter to send them the $10,000,000. We’ll leave this thread open until Tuesday nightish (let’s say 8pm).

And if you don’t believe that I have 10 million dollars to give away, I give to you a picture of Cynikitty with the prize money.

So good luck and delurk away! (And yes, regular commenters can enter also. You may comment more than once if you wish (but don’t go overboard) And I reserve the right to do whatever the hell I want to with this contest.)


Some answers to some of the questions I’ve been getting.

The contest ends on Tuesday at 8pm EST. Plenty of time left to enter.

You can enter from anywhere in the world. It will cost me several trillion in Zimbabwe dollars for postage but you guys are worth it.

Update 2

Less than 8 hours to go!

Update 3

About 1 hour to go!

Contest Closed

Woohoo. Thanks to everyone for participating. I’m off to find a winner of the 10 million. I feel like Ed McMahon, but without the being homeless part.