1. You’re looking at the wrong thing McGee.

    The poster was clearly impressed by the strength and flexibility of the Russian-made bar to withstand all the silly attempts by those Chinese people to break it.

  2. err, you guys do realise that Russia is next to China and Mongolia, and most Russians living the the east of Khazakstan (thats about half of Russias landmass) look ‘Asian’ because they basically are?

  3. The equipment is called the Russian Bar. The performance was in Monte Carlo. The logo on the vid is CCTV, China Central Television. The YouTuber who uploaded it is named CircusChina. From all that, I would assume this is a Chinese troupe. A damn good one.

  4. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the cynicism of the posts given the website name but I think the only appropriate response to this video is “HOLY F@#K! That’s cool!”

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