1. I too, am not here to make friends. Also, I came here to win. Now I want to see a montage of all of the reality shows using the word “Amazing”. They say that a LOT, in fact, I’m amazed at how often people say “amazing” on reality shows when in reality, people really don’t say “amazing” that often, really.

  2. I see this as a problem with society as a whole. Too many people treat life as a reality TV show, watch out for number one and fuck all the rest. I’m not of the opinion that it should be all love, harmony and granola but it’d be nice to see people thinking outside themselves a little more. I guess life itself is a contest in the minds of a few people out there.

  3. KingTaco – my phrase for what you describe is “hyper-individuality”. All notions of civil society are lost, and people retain this child-like state where they are unable to see the world from another perspective.

    I see it as a by product of consumer culture, where the marketing has increasing individualized the experiences in an attempt to gain new markets.

  4. To be fair to the people in the clip, a lot of them are in competitions. You generally don’t befriend your adversaries…you might feel guilty in the event you win.

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