Of Men and Monsters

The other day I posted a link to the Top 10 Obscure But Superb Science Fiction Novels I skimmed the list and found Of Men and Monsters on Amazon and it finally came in today. I’m about halfway though (it’s only about 220 pages) and so far I’m really impressed.

It takes place in the future where the Earth has been invaded by giant aliens who have destroyed most of humanity. People now live in the walls of the aliens homes like mice divided into different groups and tribes where two types of religions have branched out; one that is devoted to technology from the past and the other that is trying to learn and decipher the aliens’ technology.

The novel has taken some non-expected turns and it looks like I’m going to go back and order some more books off the list. Has anybody else read Of Men and Monsters?

Finished it. Good book with a solid ending. Next on the list is Lest Darkness Fall until I get anything else from that list.


  1. Ha! That’s hilarious! I went for that one first too. I just returned it to the library (who had to interlibrary loan it from a local library).

    I loved the interactions between the different tribes of humans. The idea that men were taken over by the monsters was just because of how we take over plants and animals was very interesting.

    I’m definitely sticking to that list for my next several books. Thanks for finding it Chris!

  2. @inti,

    No idea. My copy has a different cover so I can’t check for you.

    Of Men and Monsters is a pretty good book. I went into it expecting very little except for a pretty good premise (that of man being the cockroaches of Earth) and was quite surprised that he managed to take a good premise and keep a pretty good story going.

    I got it off Amazon for 30 cents (er, not counting shipping).

    I just finished it. Great ending. I was afraid that he was going to wimp out on the ending.
    I loved how he used misdirection at the beginning for you to believe that all of mankind amounted to only 148 people. Each section of the book I was sure that he was going to take it into a different direction only to be pleasantly surprised.

    Which one off the list are you going to read next? I’m thinking of The Wasp.

  3. I liked that too. I kept expecting the Monsters to be mice and the humans were an experiment gone wrong or something. I was way off. That escape was amazing! The ending wasn’t what I expected by I liked the symbiotic relationship message.

    I can’t remember what I ordered yesterday. Yep, it was Wasp. Hopefully interlibrary loan can track down a copy for me. Bloodworld sounds really interesting too.

  4. I read this book when I was in the 9th grade, I think. I remember very little about the story, just some images from the beginning of the book. At that time, a publisher brought out a bunch of Tenn’s books, with similar covers (not the cover you show, which certainly does look like Frazetta). I should give it a go, too. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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