Rapture Letters

Letters written by lunatics christians to be sent out to those of us left behind in reality on earth after their arrogant and insane fantasy the Rapture.

Dear, those lost and confused,

If today started like any other day and then without notice millions around the world have disappeared and there’s mass chaos, you may want to come to the realization that the Rapture has occurred. Many people may consider the Rapture a foolish Christian misinterpretation of the bible, and at one point that included me. But today as you see it has occurred.

At this point you may be feeling an unbearable discomfort because of such a tragedy. But please take my advice, gather yourself and relax because there is hope. Though there will be those who’ll explain this by saying it was some scientific malfunction or something convincing of the sort. But they are all lies, and it won’t take long to figure out why. First you’ll notice that all the children are gone. What explanation can explain that? Second, many of those who attended churches are gone. If you notice no other religion has suffered any losses unless they have unfortunately been killed in the chaos.