Girl Kicked off Boy’s Basketball Team For Being Too Good?

From The Seattle Times:

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Jaime Nared is nearly 6-foot-1 and blessed with Michael Jordan-style skills. In games, the 12-year-old can more than hold her own against the boys, dropping three-pointers and sometimes scoring 30 points or more.

And there, according to her coach, lies the problem.

She’s so good, Michael Abraham said, she makes the boys look like scrubs. So she has been told she can no longer play on boys teams at The Hoop, a private Beaverton basketball facility that runs a league in which Abraham’s teams compete.

The trouble started last month, when some parents told The Hoop management they didn’t like Jaime playing with the boys.

Hoop officials notified Abraham that Jaime, after years on one of his boys teams, was barred. They cited a rule, in a document coaches sign when they enter teams in the league, that prohibits mixed-gender teams.

“I never saw the rule,” said Abraham, who has coached basketball, mostly girls and women’s teams, for 32 years.

(via Melissa from Shakesville who dissects the story further)


  1. This lit up the editorials as well, didn’t see one letter saying she shouldn’t be on the court, all agreed that if she can play as well or better than the boys – let her play.

  2. I’m a rules are rules kind of a gal, but sometimes the rules suck. Don’t worry, she’ll find a league/team who will be happy to let her play with the boys. There are plenty of leagues which are starved for attention and this little spitfire is just what some of them need. Good for her and I hope she makes it to the NBA…not the lame-o WNBA.

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