1. This is a great thing these people are doing.

    I feel kinda good about myself, because I managed to donate over 3000 grains in about 10 minutes, and I apparently have a massive vocabulary talent, as I hit level 43 in no-time. Apparently it’s rare for people to pass level 50, so I was kinda shocked I got so far.

    But, yeah, more people definitely need to take part in this kind of thing.

  2. I played this quite extensively for a while, even after it got boring. They seem to have added levels past 50 though so I guess I’ll go back to using my free time for questionably charitable means.

  3. I always worry when I see this linked, as the subsequent comments are invariably ‘my vocab level’ willy-waving contests.

  4. OH, I just think it’s fun and almost mindless.

    I never noticed there were levels. . .I just wanted to see if I got the words right!

    Wouldn’t you hate to be the one that had to count the rice?

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