1. Anyone who’s ever worked on any sort of grounds crew can probably tell you how nasty and stubborn those li’l buggers are.

  2. Once had a 50 year old Japanese National as an apartment mate, he used to chase them around the Detroit complex we lived in. I was just waiting for the loser to catch one for dinner, sadly he never did.

  3. How these things survive extinction is beyond me. Whenever I see geese at the park many of them are hyper-aggressive like this, especially the big brown ones with the orange beaks (Greylags I think they are called). After all, what good is it to their survival if their first instinct is to attack anything and everything that moves when they can’t really defend themselves in the first place (I know from experience that they bite but not that hard). I wonder if this is some sort of trait that was bred into them by humans to make them easier to catch.
    Second, that dog was a pussy.

  4. I like the goose, he is just trying to kill the man and dog before they hunt him..
    Up the killer geese!!
    that dog is stupid.. hahaha

  5. Folks, I shot this video. the dog is NOT doscile, she was TOLD not to hurt the goose. If I want her to kill the goose, all I have to say are two little words. Most people have never seen a dog that actually obeys commands and mistake doscile actions as being a “pussy’. Well, if you’d notice, that dog is a chesapeake bay retriever, and if you do any search on the dog, will find that they are far from being a doscile breed.
    The goose is a gander and has no nest by humself for obvious reasons. He has just decided to crap all over my boat and chase anyone that comes near it. His days are numbered. I’ll eventually get tired of it and just release the dog to take vengance.

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