Atheists to Blame for Christian Fundamentalists


They can’t be real Christians. They must be part of an atheist cabal.

Their goal? To undermine churches. To give religion a black eye. To plant in the minds of the young a twisted and evil view of Christianity.

How else to explain the perverse tactics of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, whose members travel the country to picket soldiers’ funerals with a message of hate?

I would explain it by saying that when you have mentally unstable people who really believe that unabashedly hateful writings such as Leviticus is divinely inspired all leads to people protesting funerals, cutting off their own hands to microwave, or flying planes into buildings.

(via Pharyngula)


  1. Wow, get someone a short explanation of Occam’s razor.

    The comments section there, like many and many a comments section elsewhere on these here intertubes (but never at this site), are maddeningly frustrating. I can barely stomach to read comments anywhere anymore since they tend to be filled with idiocy or worse — people I would agree with if they could frame their argument coherently but otherwise bring down the brand name. Ya know?

    anyway, so i’m typing this comment when i look over to the left and it’s ben stein and “expelled.”

    the hell?

  2. Hey Chris, when you refer to the divine as the flying spaghetti monster, do you consider that to be something other than “unabashedly hateful”? Just wondering.

  3. Yeah, the Expelled banners caught my attention as well. In fact the one on the right side of the page is the one that introduced me to the movie. At first I thought “Hey, I like Ben Stein, this could be interesting”, then after seeing what it was about I was thoroughly conflicted. I thought it was parody at first but the more I looked around the harder it was to believe that. At this point I’ve lost all respect for Ben Stein, but I’ll always enjoy his comedy.

  4. Nah, the flying spaghetti monsters is more of a lighthearted jab, no one is really serious about it. Now the Church of the Subgenius I think was a far better parody of religion. I’m surprised that it isn’t used more often, but then again I guess the spaghetti monster is slightly more topical since ID came into the news.

    Yeah, I especially like that he’s billing intelligent design as a “smart new idea”. What is this “Big Science” anyway? Is there a Little Science where the laws of physics are different and nothing has to be peer reviewed or tested? Maybe he is advocating Super Science? Other than that has anyone else noticed it says “In Theaters February 2008”?

    Eternal salvation or triple your money back!

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