• lumpi

    Love this. Someone should analyse drunk speech.

  • Nikki

    Before I read the tagline, I thought “He is acting drunk, this is a spoof”. Maybe people just talk more slowly when they’re drunk, except when they’re yelling.

  • anazgnos

    I had an old, early ‘digital’ answering machine that had “speed up” and “slow down” buttons that did precisely this. There was absolutely nothing that wasn’t hilarious when slowed down.

  • brick

    ridiculous! but even funnier:


    You be the judge! Is the video slowed down or are they just plain drunk?!?!

  • prp

    You can use the speed options on the newest windows media players (ver. 10-11) to do this. News items are especially funny. And conversations. It’s like everyone is drunk or stoned.

  • Moon

    Goldblum sounds drunk most of the time, anyway!