Cops Bust Root Beer Keg Party

From JS Online:

Dustin Zebro insists he didn’t throw a root beer keg party to embarrass the police. His school, yes, but not the police.

It struck him as unfair that D.C. Everest Senior High suspended students from a dance team awhile back because they were pictured on Facebook drinking out of red plastic cups that tend to signal a beer bash.

So Zebro, an 18-year-old senior, devised a plan to show that things are not always as they appear. He bought a quarter-barrel – of root beer – and a tall stack of red cups, and he spread the word that the party was at his house in Kronenwetter, a village just outside Wausau, on a Saturday night this month.

“There were keg stands and root beer pong and all that, so it looked like a real party,” he said. The idea was to post photos on the Internet and fool the school, he said.

Police showed up because of a complaint about cars blocking the road, and an officer administered breath tests to 89 teens.

Every kid blew 0.0.

And the YouTube clip where surprising, nobody was even tased.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


“We believe in a final judgement, the issues of which are
everlasting punishment and everlasting life.”

At the final judgment all of us will be there. The thousands,
and millions, and billions, and trillions, and quadrillions that
have died will he there. The books will be opened, and each case
will be called. The sheep and the goats will be divided. The
unbelievers will be sent to the left, while the faithful will
proudly walk to the right. The saved, without a tear, will bid an
eternal farewell to those who loved them here — to those they
loved. Nearly all the human race will go away to everlasting
punishment, and the fortunate few to eternal life. This is the
consolation of the Congregational Church! This is the hope that
dispels the gloom of life!

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)