Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Why was it that England persecuted Scotland? Why is it that England
persecutes Ireland even to this day? At the bottom of every one of
these conflicts you will find a religious question. The religion of
Jesus Christ, as preached by his church, causes war, bloodshed,
hatred, and all uncharitableness; and why? Because, they say, a
certain beliefs necessary to salvation. They do not say, if you
behave yourself you will get there; they do not say, if you pay
your debts and love your wife and love your children, and are good
to your friends, and your neighbors, and your country, you will get
there; that will do you no good; you have got to believe a certain
thing. No matter how bad you are, you can instantly be forgiven;
and no matter how good you are, if you fail to believe that which
you cannot understand. the moment you get to the day of judgment
nothing is left but to damn you, and all the angels will shout

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Orthodoxy”(1884)