The Top 10 Weirdest rock ‘n’ roll deaths

From The Mirror:

10. After dying of a drug overdose, country rock pioneer Gram Parsons’ body disappeared from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Maintaining his alleged promise, Parsons’ road manager Phil Kaufman and a friend managed to steal the star’s body from the airport and, in a borrowed hearse, drove Parsons’ body to Joshua Tree national park in California where he attempted to cremate it.

The pair were arrested several days later but got away with a $700 fine for burning the coffin, as stealing a body was not recognised as a crime in the state.


  1. And speaking of bizarre gardening accidents…

    8. Legendary Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro suffered a fatal heart attack in 1992, after suffering an allergic reaction to pesticide in his garden.

    Although…legendary? Really?

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