• lumpi

    Any of you played “Bioshock”? The computer game? These shots remind me somewhat of the eerie atmosphere.

  • I love that the website is prefaced with the photographer’s insistence that Jackson is innocent. I hope he’s joking.

  • justine

    wow, i wonder how much that place costed. i liked the statues.

  • AeC

    lumpi: I got a bit of a “Myst” vibe from some of those shots.

    Trace: I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure if Jackson is innocent or guilty. Given his history…overbearing, abusive father, living in the public spotlight since the age of four or five, having more money than God for pretty much that entire time, never having to lift a finger to do a chore or even having to balance a checkbook in his adult life…the guy has never had any sort of adult responsibilities and simply doesn’t live on the same planet as the rest of us. Whether that sort of existence would ultimately translate into his being a pedophile or just a maladjusted manchild in a permanent state of arrested development, I couldn’t say. Convincing arguments/speculation could be made for either position.

    That said, I wouldn’t send one of my kids to Neverland unless he tried to burn the house down.

  • megatron

    I want to see the inside of the house where all the weird stuff is.