Wiindow Curtain Control

I haven’t been this excited about something since the Han Solo in Carbonite desk I posted yesterday. (I’m easily amused)

I got inspired by all those great Nintendo Wii projects on the internet. I used my Wiimote to control my curtains. Read below how I did that.

(via Gizmodo)


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  1. Laura,

    My parents got a window screen/curtain that is white, opaque and flat, and is raised and lowered by a switch.
    Knowing my dad’s penchant for slideshows and movies, I suggested he get a small projector to put images up.

    Now he makes the familiy watch all our movies upstairs- in his BEDROOM- where there are no chairs, it is super-uncomfortable, and kind of creepy. Even the awesome Wii curtains now remind me of the terror of fun technology gone amok…

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  2. ripper,

    Wonder how many other things can be Wii-ified.

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  3. Moon,

    Here you go, ripper


    Johnny Chung Lee is the greatest!!

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