1. What an incredibly pretty woman. She is smiling as she is asking questions about how it fells to chop off peoples limbs like it is nothing more than a job like secretarial work or being a pizza boy or working at a shoe store.

  2. This guy said he lopped off his friends’ heads without a sigh or quiver or slightest hesitation.

    It begs the old saying: “With friends like these…”

  3. Interesting that people who support the death penalty here in the USA will often condemn countries like Saudi Arabia for their “barbaric” executions, etc… Nobody can explain to me how a guy like this lopping off someone’s head is any different than our way of legally killing our prisoners. Both methods result in exactly the same amount of death for the victim. Both methods have the same potential for human error in the sentencing.

  4. I wonder about that. He mentioned that they cut off the hand and opposite leg for certain offenses. Unless he sterilizes his blade each time, that’s going to set up the victim for some pretty massive infections.

    Also, those swords don’t look up to the task of cutting through a femur.

    A little corner of my mind wonders if this isn’t some sort of fictional news story.

  5. “Burk, what about the chopping off of limbs for stealing which the executioner also does…”

    I’d rather get my anesthesized hand chopped off than being killed by whatever method you choose.

  6. If you watch the entire interview, they clearly say that local anesthetics are used for cutting off hands and legs, but not for decapitation.

    To do anything else would be cruel.

  7. I watched this last night with DaveS (aka my DH) and I’ll share now what I forgot to tell him at the time- a recounting of a Saudi decapitation told to me by my ex, a USAF airman who witnessed several during the Gulf War. Apparently they would find the American GIs in the crowd and push them forward for a better view. The prisoners seemed preternaturally calm considering they were about to be deadheaded like rosebushes, so he asked if they’d been drugged. He was told that they’d had their blood partially drained first, because it made them dopey and calmer and much less of a mess. Just my two cents, or shekels or whatever.

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