Jesus in a Tree Stump

Jesus’ latest appearance in his magical mystery tour took place in a tree stump.

A Bucks County woodworker said he found Jesus in a tree stump and some are calling the find a piece of “divine pine.”

Next time you take a good look at a tree, you might wonder if it is harboring a divine message from the heavens.

Protectively wrapped in a piece of ostrich leather is what Bensalem’s Craig O’Connor calls a slab of a New Jersey pine tree he cut down in a friend’s Burlington County yard in January 2007.

The image he saw in the remaining stump stopped him in his tracks.

“When I seen it, I was just in awe, I think it’s Jesus, Jesus’ head … it looks like he is ascending into heaven,” O’Connor said.

And where else has Jesus been lately?

(via J-Walk)