I Can Has Plagiarism?

I can’t help but noticing that this website’s entry for cat bombs, looks amazingly similar to the post I did on cat bombs. I wonder where they stole the rest of the content from.


I actually got a response from the site owner about this:


I’m sorry because of problems but I didn’t copied text from your site. I copied the whole artcile from another site, and in google serch is not showed your website when typing words from that part of article.

Now it’s 4:41 here, I’m going to sleep. Because I’m a good man a will put the link of your story below the text of cat bombs. So tommorow the link will be there, don’t wory. I’m too much tired now.

Thank you, if you have some other question please contact me again. My computer did’t work so well in a past few days and that’s why I’m reply to you now.

So they didn’t plagiarize it from me after all. They plagiarized it from someone else who had plagiarized it from me.


  1. It’s sort of ironic that, in your original post about the swipe, you use broken, bad, “lol cat” grammar, when it turns out that that’s precisely the way the dude actually writes in real life.

  2. “I’m sorry because of problems but I didn’t copied text from your site.”

    He clearly isn’t a native English-speaker.
    However, he manages to convey his thoughts rather well. How many of his detractors speak a second language, I wonder?

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