Richard Dawkins’ Funeral Set For Tomorrow

From a quaint little christian group called “King of Terrors Ministry“.

We here at King Of Terrors Ministry have only one mission at heart, and this is to see the lost come to know the Lord Jesus Christ!

We do not wish any phyical harm to any individual featured on this website, We are peaceful in our stand for the Gospel and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Preaching your funeral before you die is a dramatization of what will happen when individiuals die rejecting Christ.

We Live in a generation that has grown cold toward God, We feel it takes something radical to show mankind who die rejecting Jesus Christ, their fate

If you are currently rejecting Christ, and have not sought forgiveness of your sin from him, then sadly Hell is a reality for you if you were to die in this state.

TODAY is the DAY OF SALVATION! Please do not negect such a great PRICE paid on your behalf by Christ himself, Repent now!

(via Pharyngula)


Nothing like burning a person in effigy with cheesy devil sound effects to show the world that Christians are peaceful and loving people.