FCC Complaints

Governmentattic.org is a website that collects government documents using the Freedom of Information Act. The most entertaining documents that they have posted are the FCC Complaints received for various tv shows. I’m putting up direct links to the pdfs of some of the shows listed with several examples for your amusement/bewilderment.

The Simpsons

  • While watching the world Series. Fox advertised for the Simpson. The Commercial shows a homosexual encounter with an alien. I think this is inappropriate for the audience that would be watchin this program.
  • Homer was asking Marge, his wife, why they took in this really annoying older mooch named Gil. She responded nicely saying, “Christian charity, I guess.”; And Homer whined and yelled back, “What does a porn star have to do with anything?!!?”; Extremely offensive to Christians,disgusting actually. combining the two complete opposite worlds in one sentence. I am appalled by that show anyway ,but now I’m even more anti-Simpsons.
  • In this episode, the students of Springfield Elementary School have revolted against the teachers and administrators, taking ‘control’ of the school. The students eventually catch Principal Skinner in the gym. As they begin to overtake and subdue Principal Skinner, one of the students empties out a large brown-colored drawstring bag that is filled with various sports balls (soccerballs/basketballs/voleyballs etc). Mr Skinner is then placed inside the empty sack and the drawstring was pulled snug around his neck, leaving only his neck and head outside of the bag. My concern, and the basis for this complaint, is in the manner of how the image of Principal Skinner was depicted after he had been placed into this bag and the drawstring pulled. The image of the large drawstring bag very clearly, and undeniably, resembled a non-circumcised penis (flaccid state). Mr Skinner’s height was the reason for the length of the brown sack, depicted the ‘shaft’ and where the sack tapered from Mr Skinner’s shoulders up to his neck where the drawstring had been pulled into a ‘pucker’ depicted the foreskin.;

The Daily Show

  • Last night I was watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, on the Comedy
    Channel, 7 PM, during one of the pieces about Madonna visiting Isareal, he mentioned her “TIT CONES” on TV. This type of ‘humor’ shocks and offends me. What do you plan on doing about this type of behavior and what type of constraints will be put in place to prevent this type of behavior again?

  • After just surfing through my cable channels, I briefly stopped on a rerun of “The Daily Show.” I heard the use of vulgar language that should have been censored. During the comedy sketch, a Daily Show employee used the word “pussies.” I am absolutely appalled that the FCC would find this language as acceptable and hope the FCC looks into the matter promptly.
  • When Jon Stewart described loosing his keys as “bad”, I think after that he said that the apocalypse was “shitty”. It didn’t get bleeped, and you guys are usually pretty good at that. Either you slipped up or my ears are going bad, but I played it about 10 times and I’m pretty sure that’s what he said. Either way please E-mail me at the address above just to let me know. Thanks

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit

  • Referencing Penn and Teller burning the flag on the West Wing. The Supreme Court also says that burning the flag has a tendency to incite violence, thus justifying the use of violence against those who bum the flag. Burning the flag is an act of violence. They have no idea the pain they inflict on America’s veterans when they bum the flag. If I ever meet Penn and Teller I
    am going to obscenely smash their heads in. Some say violence is obscene, actions that provoke obscenity are obscene. This is the second obscene act I have witnessed on NBC, the first was ER’s depiction of little girls leaping to their death out of windows.

  • Viacom is a prime example of why it is vile to allow nearly sole-ownership of multi-media services. Chairman and CEO Sumner Redstone needs to be held accountable for the scandalous assault and portrayal of Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Charity during Showtime’s recent episode of “Penn and Teller.”. This horrendous, vicious attack was meant to ridicule each and every Catholic in the U.S. as well as the Catholic Church. The question needs to be asked: Can we expect Viacom to next put on a skit concerning the dumping of the Koran in the toilet for laughs followed by the shredding of the Torah? I think not! This kind of thing would never be allowed nor would any sponsor put their name and money behind such a program.
    Catholics deserve the same respect, and as a Roman Catholic – I am asking you to convene a Hearing on the conduct of Viacom and its obvious discrimination against Catholics. Maybe – the time has come to “pull the plug” on freedom of the press. Viacom’s disgusting lack ofjudgment in presenting Mother Teresa in such a hateful manner shows very clearly they need to be
    reined in before they do more damage.

  • I just went on «tvguide.com» to check listing and a highly objectionable
    commercial for Penn & Teller came out of my speakers. How do I investigate this?

Desperate Housewives

  • I recently watched Desperate Housewives where two teen aged men were kissing each other on free TV. This repugnant programing I feel should be censored and fined.
  • Thanks so much for providing the ability to report incidents. I’ve known about this for quite a long time and haven’t been able to find a way to report it.; During an episode of “Desperate Housewives” they showed a scene where the red headed star is getting into bed with her husband to be intimate (I believe the husband ended up having a stroke or heart attack if that helps you trace down the episode). The scene shows him moving down her body to kiss her
    stomach … when the camera moves down it VERY plainly shows the woman’s pubic hair. ; I recorded the show on VHS tape and thought I saw something … when I went back and looked at it, I was correct in what I saw.

  • Desperate housewives. The whole show is awful.
  • As a mother of teenagers, I strongly object to Desperate Housewives having a storyline concerning teenagers having sex. The aunt is helping the “children” get birth control and hiding it from the mother of the daughter. To ABC, please stop filling our children with this type of bad information or suggestive behavior.

Family Guy

  • Monday, November 21, 2005; Good Morning,; To Whom It May Concern:; I would like to file a complaint regarding the TV show (cartoon) “Family Guy”. The name of the episode is “The Courtship of Stewie’s Father”. The show has no redeeming/moral value what so ever. The show actually had the gall to show GOD in bed with a young woman ready to have sexual intercourse and the dialogue to go with that event, including the use of condoms. They also had Jesus and his earthly father Joseph having an argument. Along with portraying the total disrespect of family values Stewie hitting his mother, the father and son ganging up on the wife/mother, there was also a male sexual predator in this episode as well.; The whole show was quite revolting. It should be taken off the air. ; Thank you for our time and attention on this matter.; Sincerely yours,;
  • (Blue Harvest Episode)The father tells the story of Star Wars. The character of Ben is shown to be a toothless, bald old man who makes sexual advances to the adolescent boy(Chris) who is a regular character. Family Guy often makes gay innuendod, but they went too far this time buy having an old, adult man making sexual innuendo to a clearly under age 18 child/boy. Especially disurbing are the following 4 references(including approx. time into the episode); 1.(16 minutes into the episode) Princess Leia refers to Bens past “trouble” and says “we paid to keep the
    families of those children qUiet, so you owe us”; 2.(22minutes into the episode) the adult Ben calls the child Chris “my sexy friend”; 3.(40 minutes into the episode) Ben’s light saber is flacid and when the child shows up it immediately becomes erect(like a penis) and Ben says “boy, you got here just in time”; 4.(52 minutes into the episode) Ben makes another sexual innuendo to the boy by saying “force that thing in there. Just like I showed you with those puppets, but don’t tell nobody ’cause you’ll get into trouble”. ; I don’t need to interpret these since they are obscene and imply that sexual advances made by an adult man on a child is humorous. Please tell FOX they went too far this time.

  • I was wathcing the world series on Fox with my family which includes my son who is about to turn 5. Fox ran a promo for what I believe is there show the Family Guy, the promo shows a cartoon baby shooting his mother on a cruise ship, who then falls overboard and presumamly drowns, while he trips, crys and asks for his mommy, and then realizes he had just killed her. The remote was not near me so I could not change it in time and my son asked why was he crying and why was his mommy in the water. This is utterly ridiculous and I am ticked off. How Fox
    alonws that promo to run during the world series early in the evening is beyond me. The content is innapropriate for small children and frankly it is offensive to me. I tuned into watch some baseball and some simple Chevy commercials.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

  • I was outraged at the Oprah Winfrey Show which was discussing explicit sex acts on her show. The discussion involved discussing an act called “tossing salad” including oral and anal sex practices. I think she should be fined.
  • The talk show host, Miss Oprah Winfrey is illegally invading my privacy to promote show ideas on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Further, each time I gather evidence of proof, she pays people with her talk show earnings money to bribe them to destroy evidence.
  • The Oprah Winfrey show was talking about breast cancer during breast cancer awareness month. That is a noble thing . However bare breasts were shown for a long period of time. Nudity has NOTHING to do with breast cancer.

South Park

  • I was watching South Park a few nights ago and I noticed they bleeped out curse words which is great because I don’t want language on tv. But what bothers me is that the FCC over looks the Lords name in Vain. Why are you allowing something that is no different then murder in the eyes of many? I wish the FCC covered things like this, it’s showing to our childeren that it’s ok to say the Lords name in Vain when in fact it is very wrong. Lots of networks say it while bleeping out regular four lettered curse words like FX, USA network. I’m making me very upset with how things are being handled at FCC. I wish for changes.
  • I have watched many episodes of South Park and most of the time they are pretty funny, but I have seen a few that are very offensive. For example, not to long ago i seen an episode where they showed Mrs. Garrison having sex and it showed her boobs. Yes I know it is only a cartoon, but if they are going to show something like that they need to put it on HBO. And they always say “God Damn it” and I find that very offensive, if they can say that they should be able to say “ass” and “bitch” and what ever ohter word they wish. I hate to sound so negative, but it
    bothers me really bad. And I know that you are thinking “will change the channel”, but things like that shouldn’t be shown on cable T.V. If there is anything that I can do please feel free to contact me.;

  • Along with the profanity used, this show depicted Costa Rica as a slum ridden country filled with stench and prostitutes and destitute nature. My wife is Costa Rican and her family had viewed this as a part of a news broadcast in Costa Rica. South Park is a vile and disgusting show to begin with, but its blatant disregard and inaccurate portrayal of my wife’s homeland and a country that I hold near and dear is unacceptable. This show does not belong on TV at all. Comedy Central’s website does not allow for complaints. It is a classic example of the indecent bleeding heart liberals pushing the envelope on the first ammendment. This show should be banned from Television. Its influence on our youth is large as I have known a large number of young people to watch it. I have seen glimpses of it and was so abhored by its vile nature but held to the belief that I can’t control what other people watch. But this portrayal of Costa Rica is so offensive and does such harm to any good will. I believe that Costa Rica as a country could file a lawsuit against this agregious show and win. I hope they do to get this terrible program permanently off the air.; The episode is the first episode from season 3.; If you cannot remove this program from the air, please advise me of how I can create a lawsuit and hurt them where it counts.
  • I was horrified to see the decency standards fall for Cable last night. South Park did a show mocking Scientology, which, I believe, is fair game for mocking with their problems. However, as a Christian, I took GREAT offense to their referring to sex with kids. They even had an illustration of it being done. This kind of programming would NEVER be allowed in live action, not even on adult channels. Yet, this non-pay channel showed it unrestricted to kids watching tv. The Supreme Court said a few years ago in the decency ruling that live action and animation must be treated the same, so why was this episode allowed to air. What’s going on at your agency that you would allow this?
  • The recent episode of South Park featuring Jesus defecating on President Bush was blasphemous to our religion and a disgrace to our country. Generally we don’t believe in censorship, but this show continuously goes beyond the boundaries. We believe this is an instance where the FCC should step in and investigate this outrageous show.

Sex and the City

  • My wifeand I were apalled when watching ‘Sex and the City’ onTBS on Tues June 29th at 10pm and the word ‘dick’ was used numerous times.
  • I am unhappy that “Sex and the City” is being aired on WGN Chicago network station. and Had I wanted to watch this type of program, I would have paid for HBO. Instead, I have opted for network viewing because I want to watch shows without nudity and graphic sexual situations.

Saturday Night Live

  • The SNL show used the racial slurt Chinamen on Chinese. It is very inSUlting. SOmeone needs to punish this program.
  • Says that the F word was screamed on Saturday Night Live. The guest band was singing and the camera zoomed onto the singers mouth and he screamed the word. It was at about 11 :45 – 12:00 on Saturday, May 7 on WYSS, an NBC affiliate.
  • During the “Roy Rules” skit of the April 21 st episode of Saturday Night Live, I witnessed instances of material I consider to be obscene. These include references to a homosexual “…24/7 69…” and the use of the word “dong”. Though I understand the material described must be reviewed within the context of the entire skit and will be evaluated as such, I must point out that the material is sexually offensive and lacks value of any sort.

The Jerry Springer Show


  • I just witnessed a sex offense on national TV. The host of the program Jerry Springer, who is in his sixties, just kised a 14 year old girl. That is sexual contact that I believe is illegal.

Law and Order

  • Dear Sir or Madam,; I wish to launch a complaint about Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; broadcast on NBC on Tuesday, October 23 at 10:00 PM. ; The program likened the behavior of US military in Iraq and in NY to that of; Dr Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi war criminal infamous for his; experiments at Auschwitz-Birkenau. ; This is indecent beyond belief. NBC writers must live in a topsy-turvy world; unrelated to reality. ; I’ll never watch Law & Order again. ; – thanks, Alex.
  • I realize that I would never let a child watch Law and Order: SVU, but as an adult I was SHOCKED to see a sex scene on the episode tonight (November 20) on NBC. I don’t know what can be done but that is going beyond the limit. I don’t even watch rated R movies because of that and now I have to skip watching free TV??
  • How could you? I watched the March 14,2006 episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit for 30 seconds and saw two maybe 3 elementary age children shot!!! I quickly changed the channel and then just sat there in shock. I felt nauseous and put my hands over my eyes. “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.” I stammered as I sat there frozen. My husband grabbed the remote and snapped the TV off, “I’m so sorry, honey.” We have 3 children, all in public school, and two in elementary school. I want this type of violence television to stop. I want the writers to stop writing it. I want the television stations to stop airing it. I want the sponsors to stop paying for it. I want the FCC to give fines for it. I want the violent minded to stop getting ideas from it. I want to go to sleep without having bad dreams tonight from watching this horrible show. I want the children to be safe.
  • This show was blatantly anti-catholic.
    The Catholic Church was portrayed as being homophobic,ignorant and intolerant. I was shocked to see the public airwaves used to spread such a malicious message against the Catholic Church. Please investigate this matter. NBC and Law and Order SVU must understand that such treatment of the Catholic Church will not be tolerated.


  1. This is precisely why crackpots, comically ultra-sensitive mothers, victim-playing religious folk and all the other chongs that wrote in shouldn’t be allowed to make the rules. I don’t need to say that the only response any of these people should have gotten is “get over it and/or grow up”. These are grown, possibly voting adults writing in.

    Maybe every American should go overseas for a year or two, like national service but without the national service, just to get some idea of what reality (and at the very least, TV content) is like outside their house.

  2. What mystifies me is if these shows are so offensive, why are they watching them? No one is forced to watch television. Just switch the damn channel.
    I’m sure Veggie Tales or the 700 Club is on somewhere…

  3. Americans make me laugh, intentionally (like Friends and Seinfeld) and unintentionally (as above)! But I’m not surprised. Those that wrote those comments are found all over the world. In the case of Singapore, where I come from, it’s called The Government.

    From the above, it seems that a lot of the comments are directed towards sex and sexual innuendos. So the nude human body, the breasts, the penis and homosexuality apparently are infinitely more frightening and more offensive than people getting blown apart, with flying limbs and splattered brains to boot? It seems to say something about the society in question.

  4. Broadcast vs Cable
    A number of the complaints are directed at cable-only channels (Daily Show, Penn & Teller).

    The rather flimsy rational that allows the FCC to regulate broadcast TV and radio is that the airwaves are a scarce public resource, so the Feds can regulate and license them and insure that they’re used for the public interest.

    This does not apply to cable channels and I doubt that any attempt to apply broadcast standards would hold up – even with this Supreme Court.

  5. Dear FCC,
    reading the extreamly UNFUNNY web ‘blog’ Cynical-C I happened upon an article ridiculung my fellow crackpots. As a avid christian I find this abhorently offensive, please SHUTDOWN the whole internet.

  6. Really though, the best one is –

    My wife and I were appalled when watching ‘Sex and the City’ on TBS on Tues June 29th at 10pm and the word ‘dick’ was used numerous times.

    umm, the clue to the content is in the show title

  7. This article made me extremely angry, but I kept reading anyway. I would like to file suit against Cynical-C and the entire internet because I’m an undersexed bitch with sand in my vagina, and I have to complain about something for attention.

  8. Dear FCC, I would like to complain about a spoof complaint letter written to the website Cynical-C, which characterized the writers of complaint letters as ‘undersexed bitches with sand in their vaginas’. Many of my best friends are undersexed bitches, and only a few of them have gritty cunts. Yours sincerely, a disapponted former Internet user.

  9. Haw. “bum the flag”.

    I’d like to work at this mysterious FCC just so I could reply with something along the lines of “I FIND YOUR APPALLING LEVELS OF LITERACY UTTERLY DISGUSTING AND FEEL OBLIGED TO KICK YOU TO DEATH, YOU HORRIBLE LITTLE MORON.”.

    That’d show ’em.

  10. The talk show host, Miss Oprah Winfrey is illegally invading my privacy to promote show ideas on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Further, each time I gather evidence of proof, she pays people with her talk show earnings money to bribe them to destroy evidence.

    What? Is Lee Mercer writing complaints to the FCC now? He has some concern about how we do our concerns of circumstances. Isn’t it bad enough that Jeb Bush is all up in his house with disease, but now Oprah’s paying people to destroy the evidence of his proof?

  11. Those were pretty pathetic but I have to admit, that complaint about the Family Guy Commercial during the World Series seemed pretty valid to me. It’s not like he was watching the show, but he was unfortunate enough to be shown a commercial for it. I agree with that guy, but other than that, those were pretty funny complaints.

  12. Just to play devil’s advocate, I’d say the one logical complaint is the one made by the dad who was watching the world series with his 5 yr old kid, and they showed a promo of Stewie Griffin killing Lois.
    I don’t think anyone can complain about offensive content when they are watching a show known for offensive content. However, I can imagine being somewhat troubled if I saw something “questionable” mixed into what should be family-safe programming.

  13. sorry Dido, didn’t mean to steal your thunder. Didn’t realize you had written the exactly same thing I had.

    On a different note, I think it’s ridiculous that some people (read: FCC) thinks that bleeping the cursing in a show like South Park makes the show any cleaner. It’s not like the show’s on at 3PM–little kid’s arent’ gonna mistakenly watch it thinking it’s an after school special. Leave the programs alone.

  14. “Maybe – the time has come to “pull the plug” on freedom of the press”
    Maybe it’s time to charge more for postage so these morons write fewer letters.

    Love how some were recording shows to view the objectionable content over and over.

  15. This is probably the fifteenth time where I’ve experienced something thats left me completely stunned and disappointed with how bored and stupid the average American really is.

    There is always a lower point

  16. good old fashioned yankee entitlement.

    surely if an individual doesn’t like a thing, they are qualified to determine whether it is good for everyone.

    well done, america. well done.

  17. There’s this thing called the V-Chip, remember? The one that pressure groups made Congress make into a law? The one that TV manufacturers have to put into their sets (and cable boxen)?

    It was all about giving “choice back to consumers,” (where have I heard that lately? Oh right, Mitt Romney’s healthcare proposals) and it’s also why we have those ginormous, can’t-miss-em-from-across-the-room TV ratings logos at the beginning of shows now.

    It takes 30 seconds to learn how your TV equipment’s parental controls work, and set it so that all you will ever see is reruns of the Andy Griffith Show.

    But people want the government to apparently make their choices for them. I bet these are the same people that vote for “smaller government” and “no nanny state” too. Morans!

  18. I’d like to echo those who’ve said that while most of these people are insane, the World Series dad’s complain was quite reasonable. Showing violent promos for vapid garbage like Family Guy (a show with few ideas and tons of lame shock-value nonsense) during an otherwise family-friendly baseball game is irresponsible.

    But I would also like to point out that his last sentence made the complaint nonetheless hilarious. The poor man just wanted to watch some simple Chevy commercials. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, THIS IS OUR TRUCK!

  19. Sorry, but I agree with many of the original complaints. I don’t see why I should have to change the channel or resort to the V-chip to avoid this stuff. I don’t know how many of you have ever had to work with someone whose entire world view was shaped by the Simpsons and South Park, but I have. This individual knew who Steven Hawking was only because he appeared as a character on the Simpsons.

  20. Re: Mike T.
    So you think that because you don’t like it it shouldn’t exist?

    I don’t like Fox News, and I wouldn’t want my kids watching it. Should I be able to have it taken off the air because I find it offensive?

  21. “I don’t see why I should have to change the channel or resort to the V-chip to avoid this stuff.”
    And I don’t see why I should have to hang up the phone or resort to caller ID to avoid soliciters but I’m not writing the government insisting they all be terminated.

    It hardly seems like a chore to change the channel if something you don’t like is on. Is it such an ordeal for you that you would have this material restricted from all viewers because you can’t be bothered to reach for the remote? Maybe you would have all the books with inapropriate material removed from the library so you don’t have to be burdened with trying to pick books that fit within your personal morals? Oh, who am I kidding, nobody ever goes to the library. Ho ho ho!

    If there was no Simpsons or South Park it wouldn’t make your coworker less of a moron. He’d still be an idiot annoying you with his idiocy, but you’d have something else to “blame” for it. Maybe football or bass fishing.

  22. god, this is like a traffic accident, I can’t look away…

    speaking of can’t look away, I love how so many of the comments rail about how horrible and offensive show X is, yet the writer apparently can’t stop watching show X, which they find horrible and offensive

    my unsolicited advice to the numerous assholes sending these incredibly stupid letters to the FCC (not that they’ll see it, or that they’d heed it if they did): turn off the fucking teevee and go read a book or do something other than staring at the teevee


  23. No! Don’t get them reading books! Then books will get banned! I really hope some of those complainers aren’t on the internet. They’re in for one hell of a surprise.

    How many Family Guy fans watch baseball anyway? I keep hearing the FCC wants to regulate what’s on cable too. I hope it never comes to that.

  24. I sure am glad I’m not trying to raise kids these days. Trying to shield their precious little selves, protect them from all this poo poo? Even the anti-haters are supreme haters. “Cover your eyes, Honey, don’t look at this shit.”

  25. Yesterday, I was sitting in front of the television for a scant five hours, eating snack food, flirting with an early grave through my horrific obesity and my sedentary lifestyle, and just basically enjoying this miracle substitute for parenting.

    That was all ruined when I heard “tit cones.”

  26. Some of my electronic devices have a sticker reading: “This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.”

    I’d like to put that sticker on some people’s heads.

  27. QUOTE: I don’t know how many of you have ever had to work with someone whose entire world view was shaped by the Simpsons and South Park, but I have. This individual knew who Steven Hawking was only because he appeared as a character on the Simpsons. ENDQUOTE

    And this is a bad thing? Maybe whoever you’re talking about (a child, I assume) might get curious enough about Steven Hawking to Google him and actually learn a thing or three million.

    Reminds me of people who complain of the “youth” who only hear the news on The Daily Show. Guess what, the ‘jokes’ are only funny – and the content therefore relevant & even educational – if you actually know who the participants are and understand the issues. This is a bad thing?

    Makes me want to misspell “morons”.

  28. I’m an Ismaili Muslim and I love Law and Order. I was however *shocked* to hear a dialogue on the Law and Order Criminial Intent show that aired tonight (Sun June 20) that said that H. H. The Agakhan, direct descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), had said to the actor’s father something about champagne turning into water. To whoever writes the dialogues, please don’t spread lies. Your show is watched by millions and you owe to all your viewers that you don’t discredit good people with lies.

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