Tiki Bar TV’s Johnny Johnny Saves Woman’s Life in the Subway

Not only is he a hell of a bartender but he’s also someone you want around if you choose to do a swan dive onto the subway tracks.

See, I was waiting for the L train at 3rd Avenue just minding my own business when this lovely lady in her 50’s decides to peer down the track to see how far away the oncoming train is. You know the one I’m talking about; the one with the 6 foot drop from the platform that leads down to two metal rails?

When all of a sudden… she falls over the edge.

She hammers the back of her head on the second rail and goes basically limp. I figure the next train is about 60 second away, so I immediately leap over the edge and basically break all forms of first aid protocol. I quickly weigh the odds – she COULD have a spinal injury that I’m aggravating, but I’m going to assume that a POSSIBLE injury is less dangerous than the CERTAIN DEATH she’s going to face when she gets run over by the L train. So I haul her up on my shoulder, at which point she comes too, and I quickly get her back to the edge and holler at a couple of dudes to grab her arms and pull her up.


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