Wooden Bicycle

I am 16 years old and attend St. Thomas High School in Pointe Claire, Québec. As a student in the International Baccalaureate program, I am required to complete a ‘personal project’ on a non-academic topic that is of interest to me. I have always enjoyed woodworking and design, so I decided to build a functional wooden bicycle. There was to be no metal used in its construction, only wood and glue. I wanted a project that would be a challenge.

(via Andy’s Blog)


  1. That is pretty dang impressive work. I’m sure the ride is like bouncing around on a brick but it is still quite a feat of engineering.

  2. Hey I feel offended (only very slightly) radmila since I also live close by!
    Funny thing is Pointe-Claire is known for it’s rich kids not amounting to much except living off Daddy’s money. So this kid actually impresses more than you would think!

  3. Very Cool. I went to St-Thomas from 1975 until 1978 and the only thing the school was known for was the riot that broke out in 1974 between the the French side of the school and the English side.

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