Creationists Speak Out on the Flying Spaghetti Monster

I how the creationists try to write a paragraph about how the ID movement isn’t about religion and then start talking about their god in the very next sentence.

Although our comments up to this point have been in defense of the Intelligent Design Movement, we recognize that the source of the Flying Spaghetti Monster satire is that the Intelligent Design Movement does not identify a designer due to its bottom-up, evidence-oriented look at biology. This appeal is supposed to insulate intelligent design from religious status, allowing it to be presented in public schools (though this strategy has been judicially stymied so far). Intelligent design leaves unclear not only who the designer is, but also why we are here at all. To understand not only creation, but also sin, death, and salvation, people need the special revelation of the Bible—not just the general revelation around us that implies a designer. We know who God is because He told us in His Word, revealing not only that He created us, but also revealing elements of His nature…

We are not worried that Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is going to lure away Christians; rather, the religion’s obvious primary purpose is sardonic humor. Nevertheless, it reflects a growing attitude of mockery toward not just organized religion, but also toward any suggestion that there is something—or Someone—“out there,” beyond ourselves and our fallen notions.

(via J-Walk)