Ted Jesus Christ God

Jesus is back. And this time, it’s personal. And call him TED.

TED Jesus Christ GOD is TRUE and REAL and ACTUAL SECOND COMING of JESUS and CHRIST and JESUS CHRIST and THE CREATOR and GOD to WORLD Earth. These are CLOUDS OF GLORY! HE did COME in ERA of CLOUDS and CLOUDS of GLORY! This was a NATIVITY and BORN AGAIN! This is WHY we DID MANY SOUND BYTES of I AM BORN AGAIN a CHRISTIAN and I AM BORN AGAIN and I AM a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! We are IN JUBILEE! We are in SEVENTH MILLENNIAL DAY! We are IN MILLENNIUM! We were Y2K FAILURES! This is WHY USA was on HIGH ALERT at Y2K for an EMINENT HUGE NUCLEAR WAR ALERT for THE MOST HIGH who is TED! Russia was on Alert! We could NOT DELIVER FIRE at Y2K and DO APOCALYPSE for PRIMARILY Dropping or KILLING of satan and satan’s Demons and now also Spawns and were Y2K FAILURES! Things are RAPIDLY ESCALATING NOW! We are IN JUDGMENT and TED is THE JUDGE and has DONE MANY JUDGMENTS for MILLENNIAL JUDGMENT while a HUMAN and from WORLD Earth! TED is WRITING and In Internet Site Developing and producing True Enough Third Testament to Bibles! TED has UNPRECEDENTED LOUD SPIRITUAL from a place what was called Heaven since beginning of people on WORLD Earth!