1. yes, it’s very thin. the video intro was a bit lackluster, i found. sort of like various permutations of, “and here’s the keyboard, which is great. and here’s the trackpad, which is great.” sounded like he was trying to muster up enthusiasm.

    seems like it would be a nifty toy and handy for traveling, but a bit underpowered. i’m curious whether they’re intending to market it more as a primary computer or as a second computer to hardcore users.

    kind of disappointing that they couldn’t get the 160gb drive from the ipod line in there. it’s also a 1.8″ drive, but just slightly thicker. maybe that was the breaking point at which they no longer would have been able to call it the world’s thinnest laptop? that’s a big sacrifice, in my opinion. but then, it wasn’t in my budget anyway.

  2. it’s thin and pretty but seems a bit restrictive…

    only one USB port, no built in optical drive or ethernet connection…it’s more of a MacBook Lite or Macbook On-the-Go than any kind of improvement…for less money you can get more performance out of the 13″ MacBook…only 2 lbs heavier…i don’t see why the Mac fan boys are tripping balls over this Air thing.

  3. It’s amazing how much free press Apple gets every time they announce a new doohickey. I mean, come on, does the media really think that Apple is the Only Super Duper Company That Ever Existed?

    Steve Jobs has the easiest – er, job – in the world. All he has to do is put on a black t-shirt and say something and the stupid media (and blogs too now) will broadcast it endlessly, breathlessly, adoringly.

    …and then the lemmings all go: “Oooh, I want!”

    Jeez! It’s just a freakin’ computer guys! And the Ipod? It’s just a music player for crissakes! Big deal! I had a sony walkman 25 years ago…

  4. Dave,

    There is a reason that the iPod has a permanent exhibition at the Museum Of Modern Art… but I imagine that that reason escapes you as well.

    Apple has devoted itself to the ethos of minimalism/modernism for quite some time, and I don’t find this new product to be out of sync with that at all. The optical/super-drive addition is $99, if you really need one. Most professionals use a desktop Mac, or a Macbook Pro, so the optical drive on this laptop isn’t that big of a loss. Also – I get the feeling that Apple is a little forward-thinking in the “broadband everywhere” category. If every city I traveled to had free broadband, this laptop would be ideal. Here’s hoping for that, but not holding my breath.

    For the price, I’d still opt for a Macbook (which is a kickass machine) -or push just a little more for a Macbook Pro.

  5. It’s amazing how my perspective changed so quickly. Until today, I thought my black MacBook was sexy and glamorous. Then I watched this video, and now I think it’s kind of fat and unattractive. And I know that it knows I feel this way, and I feel guilty because of it. I’m fantasizing about younger, sexier Macs, and it’s driving a wedge in this relationship.

  6. Right now I see this as the perfect laptop for those that run a Power Mac and have the extra money for a coffee shop computer, this will sell big with the Hollywood types for it’s chicness as well. But the best thing this will do is drive down the price of solid state hard drives, right now an aftermarket 64gb SSD is running anywhere from $1300 and up, to get one in this laptop (plus the faster processor) adds $1000. This won’t sell several million but look to the next update to it to make the 64gb SSD standard and some new larger SSD be the high end as the wholesale price drops on those drives.

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