Lying Underneath a Moving Train

From the Daily Mail:

A teenager with a death-wish has filmed himself lying on a railway track as a speeding train drives straight over him.

In a sick twist of the game “chicken”, the youth places himself flat out on the sleepers before a train hones into view behind him.

He remains motionless as it hurtles over his head, leaving him just inches from death – with the whole episode videoed to show off later.

  • DaveS

    It’s a good thing that they’re young. The Darwin Principle is most effective when they’re young.

  • Piri

    I was waiting for a chain hanging low between the cars to smash his head in.

  • Jocelyn

    Well, I guess this is good to know that you need to lie prone. Just in case Snidley Whiplash ever ties me to train tracks….

  • xaostica

    What makes this chump different than the fools without cameras?

    Attention Whore!

  • nichole

    how many copycats are we going to have with this one?

  • It may be stupid and wrong but it does make for a cool video. ^^

  • Endrju

    I don’t believe he really was under the train. I suspect a camera left on the tracks sans human.

  • Schmoo

    Don’t watch much news then Endrju? It’s a bit of a craze amongst the not-so-bright in the north of England and somewhere-or-other in the States, apparently. That and standing there as late as possible, then moving calmly away á la Joe Perry in Aerosmith’s Livin on the edge video.

    Whether that particular one is fake or not is irrelevent… but it looks genuine enough to me – the shadows on his head match the passing of the wheels perfectly. If it is a fake they’ve done a damned good job.

  • Erich Schrempp

    Train engineers ought to have a button that flushes the toilets onto the tracks just for guys like this. What an idiot, and you just know some other idiot will try this stunt and get killed.

  • Justin

    I agree with Dutchman. The kid’s an idiot, but an idiot with a pretty badass video. If he were inside my monkeysphere, I may think differently.

  • Jessica

    My husband is a railroad engineer.

    He doesn’t think this is funny or bad ass at all. This kind of stuff makes his job so so stressful!

    He worries about hitting a car/person every time he gets on the train.

    This kid is an idiot. I agree with DaveS:

    “It’s a good thing that they’re young. The Darwin Principle is most effective when they’re young.”