Lying Underneath a Moving Train

From the Daily Mail:

A teenager with a death-wish has filmed himself lying on a railway track as a speeding train drives straight over him.

In a sick twist of the game “chicken”, the youth places himself flat out on the sleepers before a train hones into view behind him.

He remains motionless as it hurtles over his head, leaving him just inches from death – with the whole episode videoed to show off later.


  1. Don’t watch much news then Endrju? It’s a bit of a craze amongst the not-so-bright in the north of England and somewhere-or-other in the States, apparently. That and standing there as late as possible, then moving calmly away á la Joe Perry in Aerosmith’s Livin on the edge video.

    Whether that particular one is fake or not is irrelevent… but it looks genuine enough to me – the shadows on his head match the passing of the wheels perfectly. If it is a fake they’ve done a damned good job.

  2. Train engineers ought to have a button that flushes the toilets onto the tracks just for guys like this. What an idiot, and you just know some other idiot will try this stunt and get killed.

  3. I agree with Dutchman. The kid’s an idiot, but an idiot with a pretty badass video. If he were inside my monkeysphere, I may think differently.

  4. My husband is a railroad engineer.

    He doesn’t think this is funny or bad ass at all. This kind of stuff makes his job so so stressful!

    He worries about hitting a car/person every time he gets on the train.

    This kid is an idiot. I agree with DaveS:

    “It’s a good thing that they’re young. The Darwin Principle is most effective when they’re young.”

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