Food Art

Artist Carl Warner, 44, combines several images to create the amazing scenes, including a broccoli forest, bread mountains, cheese village and smoked salmon sea.

The dad-of-four plans to turn the photos into a book to encourage kids to eat more healthily. But he admits his own children still have trouble eating their greens. Carl, of Tonbridge, Kent, said: “But at least they don’t play with their food as much as I do.”

(via A Welsh View)

Steve Gilliard: Why I’m Not a Progressive

I’ve been reading through Steve Gilliard’s blog archives this weekend. Damn, I really miss his writing.

The highlight of fake Africana is Kwanza. This made-up, bullshit holiday comes not from Africa, but from a group of Oakland black nationalists. Why do I hate Kwanza? Let me count the ways. First of all, Christianity is as African as anything else. Both Islam and Christianity were imported religions. Islam is not any more authentic than Christian belief in Africa. So this “alternate” Christmas is more about a mythical Africa than a real one. Real Africans celebrate Christmas and Ramadan. So all this bullshit about candles and seven days is as hoaked up and phony as a can of deviled ham. It’s fake to it’s fucking core and does a real diservice to the actual history of Africans in America. We’ve been here since 1619 and looking to Africa to define ourselves is the most shallow kind of thinking. Africa is the past, a past we should know and respect, but there are American traditions we should follow and respect and embrace.

Top 10 Hunter S. Thompson Quotes


“There are times, however, and this is one of them, when even being right feels wrong. What do you say, for instance, about a generation that has been taught that rain is poison and sex is death? If making love might be fatal and if a cool spring breeze on any summer afternoon can turn a crystal blue lake into a puddle of black poison right in front of your eyes, there is not much left except TV and relentless masturbation. It’s a strange world. Some people get rich and others eat shit and die.”
—Gonzo Papers, Vol. 2: Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the ’80s, 1988

Lying Underneath a Moving Train

From the Daily Mail:

A teenager with a death-wish has filmed himself lying on a railway track as a speeding train drives straight over him.

In a sick twist of the game “chicken”, the youth places himself flat out on the sleepers before a train hones into view behind him.

He remains motionless as it hurtles over his head, leaving him just inches from death – with the whole episode videoed to show off later.

Where’s Jesus?

Jesus is on a doggy door in Yucaipa California.

Jesus is on a tree in Milwaukee.

Jesus is on a tree in Sussex.

Jesus is on a Samsung Flash memory chip.

Jesus is in a cloud over Mt. Sinai.

Jesus is atop mobile phone mast.

Jesus is on a Romanian wardrobe.

Jesus is on a dog’s ass.

Jesus is on a dental x-ray.

Jesus is on a piece of sheet metal.

Jesus is on a tree in California.

Jesus is on a tree in Florida.

Jesus is on a tree in New York.

Jesus is on a tree branch in Bosnia.

Jesus is on a tree in Memphis. (Elvis didn’t do no drugs!)

Jesus is on a pancake in Ohio.

Jesus is on Google Maps.

Jesus is on a mug stained with hot chocolate.

Jesus is on a shrimp tail.

Jesus is in a nacho pan.

Jesus is on a fish bone.

Jesus is on a water-stained piece of plaster in a bathroom.

Jesus is on a cracked window in Texas.

Jesus is on a cement floor.

Jesus is on a car windscreen.

Jesus is on a kitchen cabinet in Manchester.

Jesus is in a bowl of manicotti.

Jesus is on a Sydney train platform.

Jesus is on a fish stick.

Jesus is in an ashtray.

Jesus is on an XBox 360.

Jesus is on somebody’s head.

Jesus is on a fence in California.

Jesus is on an Easter egg.

Jesus is in an ultrasound.

Jesus is in a potato.

Jesus is in a tree stump.

Jesus is in the door.

Jesus is in an altar cloth.

Jesus is a Cheeto.

Jesus is a water stain on a window.

Jesus is on a spoon.

Jesus is a water mark on a hospital ceiling.

Jesus is in a slab of granite.

Jesus is in another ultrasound.

Jesus is in Spumoni.

Jesus is on a utility pole.

Jesus is another Cheeto.

Jesus is in cat fur.

Jesus is in a rusty sink.

Jesus is on a moth.

Jesus is on a weight loss center’s ceiling.

Jesus is in the drywall.

Jesus is in sea shells by the seashore.

Jesus is in a cloud.

Jesus is in a chocolate cookie.

Jesus is on a guitar.

Jesus is on a pita bread.

Jesus is on a floor tile.

Jesus is on a door in a car dealership.

Jesus is on a potato chip.

Jesus is in a rock on the side of a road in Alabama.

Jesus is on a church wall.

Jesus is on a broken meteroite.

Jesus is on a leaf.

Jesus is on a guitar.

Jesus is on a cheese toast.

Jesus is on an armchair.

Jesus is in a swimming pool.

Jesus is on a Greensboro sidewalk.

Jesus is on a kitchen cabinet in Wichita Falls.

Jesus is in Marmite. (Yeah, I didn’t know what Marmite was either)

Jesus is in a stained coffee mug.

Jesus is in a baking tray.

Jesus is in a rock.

Jesus is on a toilet seat.

Jesus is on Mars.

Jesus is on a factory wall in the Ukraine.

Jesus is in curtains.

Jesus is on a car window.

Jesus is on an iron.

Jesus is in a dog’s ear.

Jesus is in a bird shit stain.

Jesus is on a cross.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


The Feudal system was supposed to be in accordance with the divine plan. The people were not governed by intelligence, but by threats and promises, by rewards and punishments. No effort was made to enlighten the common people; no one thought of educating a peasant — of developing the mind of a laborer. The people were created to support thrones and altars. Their destiny was to toil and obey — to work and want. They were to be satisfied with huts and hovels, with ignorance and rags, and their children must expect no more. In the presence of the king they fell upon their knees, and before the priest they groveled in the very dust. The poor peasant divided his earnings with the state, because he imagined it protected his body; he divided his crust with the church, believing that it protected his soul. He was the prey of Throne and Altar — one deformed his body, the other his mind — and these two vultures fed upon his toil. He was taught by the king to hate the people of other nations, and by the priest to despise the believers in all other religions. He was made the enemy of all people except his own. He had no sympathy with the peasants of other lands, enslaved and plundered like himself. He was kept in ignorance, because education is the enemy of superstition, and because education is the foe of that egotism often mistaken for patriotism.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “God in the Constitution”