Question of the Day (Redux)

(There were so many good answers to this I thought I would put it at the top for some Monday morning reading. You may want to eat breakfast first.)

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever accidentally eaten?

I once made some hot chocolate that comes in those envelopes. I wasn’t really paying attention and poured the boiling water in it, stirred, and then took a sip when it had cooled off a bit. The little marshmallows had sort of a weird consistency and it took me a second to realize that I don’t drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. I looked into the cup and saw dead maggots floating in my cocoa. And yes, my fear of powdered cocoa persists to this day.

Ok Cynics, open up and share. Best story gets an envelope of Swiss Miss hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The horrible secret of Number 6 Whitten Street


A story I’ve been meaning to write about for several weeks now involves a family in South Carolina who had moved into a newly purchased house.
They were all messing about one day, doing chores, cleaning up, moving in, when they “found a secret room in their home behind a bookcase” – but “what was inside,” we read, “was a nightmare beyond their wildest dreams.”

Inside the room was a hand-written note.
The note said “You Found It!”
It turns out, the note explained, that the house was infested with “the worst types of mold including Stachybotrys, the so-called Toxic Black Mold,” which can cause “respiratory bleeding” in infants.

(via Boing Boing)

A Cynical-C reporter is on the scene:

Hey Chris…

I’ll be going through Greenville (SC) this afternoon! I’ll see if I can whip up an actual photo of the home for you. The owners probably don’t want that info getting out (the image on the bldblg is a generic image) — so I’ll offer it to you “anonymously”.

The house is in an old mill village (so, really… the $75,000 price tag is probably a little high, to be honest… most of the mill homes in the south go for less than $70k. Sounds like a property ‘flipper’ inflating values.)

(Thanks Anonymous Cyn-C roving reporter)