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Year 2008

Give Peace A Chance – John Lennon

Quote of the Day

By Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror.

Photos From Israel and Gaza

From The Big Picture.

Back in June, 2008, Egypt helped broker a 6-month cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, the ruling body in the Gaza Strip. Though the cease-fire was broken several times by both sides, it largely held. Toward the end of the cease-fire in December, Israel, while closing Gaza’s borders since November, indicated that it might extend the agreement, if Hamas ceased all Qassam rocket attacks. Qassam rockets are the crude but deadly homemade missiles often launched towards Israeli territory (over 3,000 times in 2008 alone). Hamas leaders, angered by the blockade and seemingly little political headway made over the past 6 months, recently stepped up rocket attacks on Israel once again. Israel has now responded with five days (so far) of air attacks and Naval bombardment on Gaza, resulting in over 350 dead, nearly 1,500 wounded and countless buildings and smugglers’ tunnnels destroyed. Hamas has threatened to increase the rocket attacks send suicide bombers into Israel in retaliation, and Israel is massing troops and tanks around Gaza for a possible ground assault.

The David Lee Roth ‘Runnin’ With the Devil’ Soundboard

This is more fun than it should be.

The Battle over Gaza


Two sounds dominate the lives of Israelis living near Gaza: the wail of a siren and, 25 seconds later, the whistling screech of an incoming rocket fired by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. That gives Israeli families just enough time to dive for cover — even as they pray the rocket will miss.

At 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 27, a new sound filled the azure Mediterranean sky: the rolling boom of Israeli bombs and missiles slamming into Gaza. Many Israelis climbed the low, green hills outside the city of Sderot and cheered while watching black pillars of smoke rise over Gaza as a wave of 64 Israeli jet fighters struck again and again. It meant that Israel’s leaders were hitting back at the Gaza militants who had rained rockets on the communities of southern Israel even weeks before Dec. 19, when an Egyptian-brokered truce between Israel and Hamas officially ended. (See pictures of Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza.)

But underneath the black smoke, the Israeli bombs weren’t hitting just the rocket men of Hamas, but civilians too. With 1.5 million people packed tightly into Gaza’s jumble of cities, towns and refugee camps, it was inevitable that hundreds of ordinary Palestinians would become collateral victims. The Israeli bombardments pounded Hamas strongholds — the Interior Ministry, suspected caches of rockets, hideouts of top militant leaders — but they also caught five sisters asleep at home next to a targeted mosque, kids coming home from school, and a graduation ceremony for police cadets and their proud families. By Dec. 30, more than 375 Palestinians had been killed and some 1,500 injured; the U.N. said at least 62 of the dead were civilians. Hamas’ continued rocket barrage had killed four Israelis.

The lopsided toll inevitably led to accusations of Israeli overkill. While the Bush Administration blamed the escalation of violence squarely on Hamas, other world leaders, including France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, scolded Israel for its “disproportionate” response. Arguably the most important outside voice remained silent: President-elect Barack Obama would not comment on the conflict, with his spokesman citing the principle that there can be only “one President at a time.”

Carrying Gunpowder through Airport Security

Apparently it’s ok as long as you pack the charcoal, sulphur, and saltpetre in 3oz plastic bags.

(via GeekPress)

More Food Network Carnage

Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!!!!! She doesn’t even bother to slice the glazed donut in half to make the bun but just doubles them up?

Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake

Do they actually pay this woman or is the Food Network deteriorated to a public access channel and they have to let anyone who asks to be on it? Although that would explain Guy Fieri.

Deep Fried Prime Rib


A good number of people have deep fried turkeys with great success. Not as well known is deep fried prime rib. We did one this past Christmas, and it was excellent!

Why Are Palestinians Expected to Do What Americans Would Never Do?

From FireDogLake:

If the US offered peace in exchange for breaking a blockade that was starving its citizens and extending the cease fire to part of the country that wasn’t under ceasefire, and the forces starving the country refused, what would the US do?

I guarantee that if a similar situation were to occur to the US, the same commenters telling the Palestinians to turn the other cheek for moral reasons would think the US was justified in retaliating with all its might.

It really reminds me of nothing so much as people watching a bully kicking someone who’s down on the ground, saying “why does he keep fighting? He should know better than to resist.”

There is a pragmatic argument for trying non-violence in Palestine (I’m not convinced it would work, because Israel hasn’t shown a lot of capacity for shame) but the moral argument, unless you are someone who believes that war and violence are never justified under any circumstances, is extraordinarily weak. Americans and other outside commenters want Palestinians to act in ways that their own governments would never act in comparable circumstances.

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