Ron Paul vs. Abraham Lincoln

From Talking Points Memo:

You may have heard that in his star-turn yesterday on Meet the Press, Ron Paul said that the American Civil War was a mistake (brought on by a power-hungry Abraham Lincoln) and came out for so-called ‘gradual emancipation’.

Now, there are so many things morally and historically wrong with what Paul’s saying here, a few of which my old grad school pal Ari Kelman explains here.

But I must say there’s something almost endearing about this unforced error in wingnut extremism. Did Paul give in to the heavy media pressure to come up with a clear position on slavery and the Civil War? What’s even funnier is that even in verb tense he talks about it as a live issue. “The way I’m advising that it should have been done,” he tells Russert.

Advising? For better or worse, isn’t the decision on whether to have the Civil War and emancipate the slaves pretty much moot as a public policy issue?


  1. You can credit Tim Russert for the question. Kinda makes me wonder why Tim Russert was more interested in that then maybe something like the housing bubble.

  2. I’ve read your blog daily for a couple years now. Your failure to comprehend the rationale for support of Ron Paul is disappointing. It’s time for me to say goodbye.


  3. I guess Tim was not told to keep what Ron said a secrete as he did when he was told about Scooter in the Flame case.Lost all respect for any who thinks being on the inside track is more important then reporting the truth.

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