Pray For France!


Once over 40% protestant, France is now over 30% atheist!

Rampant secularization has made the spiritual battleground in France difficult. Yet, God is on the move – working through His people and drawing in the French people – one soul at a time.

Did you know that for the past 7 years thousands of French people intercede for France during the 40 days preceding Lent?

Pray for France is your access point to join French believers during these 40 Days of Prayer.

So do you just say a Hail Mary or an Our Father everyday for 40 days and you’re done?

In addition to registering for the 40 days of Prayer, we encourage you to order the 2008 Prayer Guide….

This year, we are pleased to offer the guide for only $3.50. The guide is available in electronic form (PDF) or in hard copy

Ah, it’s a Pay to Pray scheme? Oh you rascally Xtians you!

(via Friendly Atheist)

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