Top 10 Color Classical Reproductions

When we think of statues and buildings of the classical period, we tend to imagine white marble; scientists in recent years have discovered that it is in fact most likely that many of the buildings and statues were painted and probably adorned with jewelry. The Vatican Museum has recently put on an exhibition of some of the most famous antiquities from the era with reproductions painted as close to the originals as they can – this is possible because many statues contain trace amounts of pigment from their original coats of paint. This is a list of ten spectacular reproduction statues from the Classical Period.

Guest Cat Blogging Christmas Edition

Thanks JKMc:

It’s been a while since I have had a tree … 11 years in fact …(long story – tragedy, sorrow, suffering, angst – not suitable or appropriate for holiday cheer) .

But I decided to put up a lovely tree this year … which my old cat Jeremy likes quite a bit.

And even though it is not Friday yet, I thought I would send in a Guest Blogging Entry for Jeremy for the Holidays.

Yes, a bit sentimental, but Jeremy is such a handsome fella … you can excuse the fact that I am a proud Pappa passing around kitty pron.

All the best to you and yours, regardless of the season!