Newspaper accidentally identifies thief on the front page

From VeryShortList:

That morning, page 1A ran two substantial photos: In one, a husky man in a black-and-blue checkered coat is seen hanging Christmas decorations in a shop window. In the other, a surveillance camera shows a convenience-store customer’s unattended wallet being swiped by
. . . a husky man in a black-and-blue checkered coat. Local police noticed the similarities, and quickly arrested the hapless criminal mastermind for felony second-degree theft. If the charges stick, we’ll gladly take the credit for the collar.

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Friday Guest Cat Blogging

Thanks to Nick for sending in a picture of Velcro…

Here’s a submission for your Friday cat blogging! This is Velcro (aptly named after her terrible claws) contemplating how hard it is to be queen, and planning her next move on the new puppy. For some, discipline is a lifetime, she thinks.

…thanks to Markus for a picture of Master Z…

This is Master Z. waiting for a herd of antelope to slaughter. The
photographer (me) nearly lost an arm snapping the picture.

And last but not least, thanks to Debbe.

I’m sending you a picture of my baby, Little Bit; we captured this image as she lurked in the carpet tunnel currently in my living room. She is a bright, lively, loyal little girl, and she’s the apple of her (human) daddy’s eye!

Happy holidays to you and all the Cynical-C’ers!

Friday Guest Cat Adoption/Blogging

Thanks to Flaming Atheist and the Cat Adoption Team in Oregon for today’s guest cat blogging. If you’re interested in adopting a cat and live in or close enough to Oregon, take a look at what the Cat Adoption Team has to offer.

Joker is a young guy, just over a year but very small, probably was
the runt of the litter, he weighs around 5 pounds but he makes up for
that with lots of energy and is a playful kitty.

Lakota announcement: Where does it go?

From the

On the one hand, this was going to be one of the biggest ‘talkers’ of the day, and had already had 121 comments since being posted early afternoon. The LNI is in town. Russell Means is a prominent figure in the Native American community. The treaties and sovereignty are key issues in Indian Country.

On the other hand, there were no tribal presidents in the group which made the announcement, no one from the top ranks of any of the Lakota Sioux tribes. The timing with the LNI was curious. Russell Means has been known to stage public events to get his message out, and there are some Lakotas who don’t feel Means speaks for them.

And so we determined the story would not go on A1, unless we could confirm support of this group’s decision by any of the top officials from any of the Lakota tribes. Otherwise, this may amount to nothing more than talk.