The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box consists of a polished cherry wood box placed on top of a spruce pedestal. The box has a hinged lid, which is open, and the inside is lined with black velvet.

When you see this box on a pedestal, you think to yourself

“This is some special box, and something special is inside of it.”

So you walk over to look inside. But as soon as you get within 6 feet of the box, the hinged lid slams shut and won’t open.

If you walk away from the box, it begins to feel safe again, and the lid opens an inch or so. If you leave it alone, after 5 or 10 seconds, it opens another inch or two. If you still leave it alone, it will open a bit more. Finally, it decides it’s safe once again and, like a cautious anemone, it opens all the way up. But as soon as you approach it, it slams shut.



What? No bacon?

Multi-bird roasts, where different types of bird are stuffed inside a larger one, have become the thing to carve this year – and the more birds involved the better.

One of the top-sellers is the Waitrose four-bird roast: guinea fowl, duck and turkey breast stuffed inside a goose. Demand has soared 50 per cent this year – even though each roast costs an eyewatering £200.

The surge in popularity may have something to do with TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s creation of a ten-bird roast on his show two years ago.

He stuffed an 18lb turkey with a goose, duck, mallard, guinea fowl, chicken, pheasant, partridge, pigeon and woodcock – producing a remarkable Russian doll-like dish.

But now his effort, inspired by recipes dating from Tudor times, has been dwarfed by a behemoth containing no fewer than 48 birds of 12 different species.

This massive roast, the proud creation of Devon farmer Anne Petch, weighs almost four stone (more than most airlines’ baggage allowance), costs £665, and has enough meat to serve 125 people.

The list that corresponds to the picture is:

1. Turkey, 2. Goose, 3. Barbary duck, 4. Guinea fowl, 5. Mallard, 6. Poussin, 7. Quail, 8. Partridge, 9. Pigeon squab, 10. Pheasant, 11. Chicken, 12. Aylesbury duck

The Official YFSF Record Book Annotation System

From Yanksfan vs Soxfan:

We can no longer avoid the clarion call: The American People—even the liberal New York Times, dammit—demand typographic action. Baseball’s record books shall be besmirched no more. Or rather, the achievements therein shall be properly labeled. An asterisk for steroids. Yes. Of course. But how can that single dingbat suffice to explain away more than a century of exploitation, chicanery, and all-around evil doing?

Here are some of the new marks to be added to the record books:

* = Steroids
! = Amphetamines
$ = Gambling
|| = Cocaine
∞ = Wore glasses
† = Crazy religious freak

(via kottke)