Wojciechowski on Tom Brady

Preach it brother!

Brady now has 45 touchdowns. Forty-five. With three regular-season games to go. You figure he throws nine against the Manginis, six against the winless Miami Dolphins and four against the New York Giants before he’s pulled midway through the second quarter. That gives him 64 for the year. The scary thing: I’m only half-kidding.

Brady’s numbers are beyond obscene, beyond otherworldly. He needs five more TD passes to move ahead of Peyton Manning’s record of 49 in a single season. That’s more than doable against the Jets, who shouldn’t expect any mercy moments from Coach Hoodie at Gillette Stadium. Remember those Coliseum scenes from “The Gladiator?” It’ll be like that. You’ll need tweezers to pick up the remains.

To bring some clarity and perspective to Brady’s season, think of it this way: He has more touchdown passes than the rest of the AFC East (31), more than the combined totals of Brett Favre and Drew Brees (44), and the exact combined totals of Peyton and Eli Manning. He also has just five interceptions in 476 pass attempts. Dallas’ Tony Romo threw that many picks in a single game this season.