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Day November 13, 2007

Iraq War Coaltion Fatalities Map

This is old, but so is the war. It’s a flash map which cycles through each day of the war and illustrates where coalition casualties have happened. It’s updated up to October 5, 2007.

If you want a current list and one that isn’t animated, there’s alays the Iraq Coalition Casualties website.

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

A blog dedicated to posting pictures of men who look like old lesbians.

(via Radmila)

Adios New Frontier

Pictures and video of the implosion at Las Vegas Now:

The New Frontier casino-hotel was imploded early Tuesday morning after a booming fireworks display, putting an end to the second property to open on the Las Vegas Strip.

The 16-story hotel tower was felled with over 1,000 pounds of explosives before a group of reporters and bystanders to make way for a multibillion-dollar resort bearing The Plaza brand, which is set to open in 2011.

Video is now up on YouTube.

John Scalzi’s Creation Museum Report

Sorry if I haven’t posted much this morning. I’ve been reading John Scalzi’s creation museum report and enjoying all the pretty pictures.

How To Persuade an Atheist to Become a Christian

From WikiHow:

Dealing with a friend that has different beliefs than you can be frustrating for both yourself and the non-believer. Learning how to deal with it can be extremely difficult and you might want to convert them.

Iraq Hotel Reviews

J-Walk has rounded up some reviews of Iraqi hotels from Yahoo! for those of you looking for a place to vacation over the holidays.

Greatest Hits of Viral Video

PC World compiles a list of the biggest viral videos ever.

The Star Wars Kid

This kid had what he thought was a very private moment in the high school production studio. Oh, except that it was taped. A tape rediscovered months later by friends of the Star Wars Kid, who then posted to file-sharing site Kazaa. Within two weeks of its posting, about 2 million people had downloaded the video. The Star Wars Kid didn’t think it was very funny–he sued the families of the “friends” who posted the video. From the lawsuit: The Star Wars Kid “had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large,” and, he “will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite amount of time.” The Viral Factory, an ad agency specializing in Web marketing campaigns, estimated last year that the “The Star Wars Kid” video had been viewed over 900 million times, making it the most popular viral video ever.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Nations tried to destroy each other for the sake of God, and the banner of the cross dripping with blood floated over a thousand fields — but the god was silent. He neither knew nor cared. Pestilence covered the earth with dead, the priests prayed, the altars were heaped with sacrifices, but the god did not see, did not hear. The miseries of the world did not lessen the joys of heaven. The clouds gave no rain, the famine came, withered babes with pallid lips sought the breasts of dead mothers, while starving fathers knelt and prayed, but the god did not hear. Through many centuries millions were enslaved, babes were sold from mothers, husbands from wives, backs were scarred with the lash. The poor wretches lifted their clasped hands toward heaven and prayed for justice, for liberty — but their god did not hear. He cared nothing for the sufferings of slaves, nothing for the tears of wives and mothers, nothing for the agony of men. He answered no prayers. He broke no chains. He freed no slaves.

The miserable wretches appealed to the priests of God, but they were on the other side. They defended the masters. The slaves had nothing to give.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Myth and Miracle”(1885)

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