20 Gnarliest Torture Devices of All Time

From Daily Radar:

The pictured victim is one of the lucky ones because most occupants were caged completely naked to expose them to either extreme cold or hot weather conditions. And… most caged prisoners were usually placed in there only after other means of extreme physical torture were administered. But wait — there’s more! The victims were left in the cage until they died from either the elements or thirst, which could take weeks.

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  1. No boats? The ancient persian mode of execution where the condemned is placed face up in a boat and another boat is placed on top of him, leaving his head hands and feet exposed but totally immobile. His face is covered in honey to attract flies and he’s fed until he dies, forced if need be. The cause of death is the vermin that burrow inside you attracted by the stagnant waste gathering in the lower boat. Took between a month and 40 days to cause death I think.

    Not really a device but is more so than Burning at the Stake.

  2. When I was in Prague a couple of years ago, I actually went to the torture museum, and several of these torture devices were on display there. It was when I got to the saw I really started feeling sick.. Humans are really at their most creative when it comes to cruelty..

  3. People are idiots. It seems that the most sophisticated medieval devices were things to hurt people. No electricity, no running water, no flush toilets, yet all sorts of vicious contraptions to rip people apart.

  4. wow namowal is so right! Now we do have electricity, running water and flush toilets, and yet even more sophisticated and persistant means of torture… great advancements for human kind.

  5. Yet another reason the dark ages are called the dark ages, and another reason to be very glad they are over. Let’s hope no one is stupid enough to return to such a barbaric age.

  6. I saw a device in a San Francisco museum years ago. It consisted of an iron collar with one edge contoured to fit a human torso. The unfortunate guest of honor had this device strapped to his belly, rats were put into this “corral” and an iron lid was placed trapping the rats. Hot coals were placed on the plate, which was slowly cranked down towards the panicking rats, who then found a way out. If there is any justice in the cosmos, the inventors of these monstrosities will be personally test driving them for eternity.

  7. The Dark Ages Was Barbaric to our Standards Yes . But Let Me Ask You this. Crime Was Down There Was Less Crime , Less People Being Murdered For There keys or over Drugs. People Was Afraid to Break The Laws Set Forth Becouse They New What Would Be come of them. Now Days So Many People Thinks Its Cool to go to Prison. And Why not three Meals A day. Got things to Do to Entertain them Selves With. And Don’t Have to Be A contributing Member of the community. It Is the Community That Saports them. So In Human MayBe , Effective Very, Would I live In the Dark Ages I would Gladly Live That time Period As My Beliefs Sets Me Apart from This time Period. Where Every one Is out for them Selves Not really out For The Betterment Of The Community or A better Way of life For All.

  8. to donald: why would you want to live in the dark ages again? that makes no sense. that was a very bad time. people are so sick.anyway, i’ve seen the torture devices people back then came up with and it makes me sick to my stomach.i dont understand how people could be so cruel to one another.i’d like to see the people who made those torture devices being tortured by them to see how it feels.

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