The Blame Game – San Diego Fires Edition

It’s about that time in a tragedy where people start taking advantage of the press coverage to push their agendas. So it’s time to play the Blame Game. I just did a quick search this morning to find who or what people were blaming for the San Diego fires and came up with a less than comprehensive list. Feel free to add to it by emailing me or commenting on things I’ve missed and I’ll update the list.

Blame Global Warming.

Blame the Environmental Pressure Groups forbidding California homeowners from clearing flammable brush around their land.

Blame Al Quaeda

Blame the gays.

Blame the people who hate America.

Blame Iraq.

Blame the bureaucracy.

Blame the “litigious environmentalists” for “standing in the way” of Bush’s Healthy Forests Initiative (HFI).