2 Doctors Used Typhus to Save Thousands From Holocaust

From Amednews.com:

Eugene Lazowski, MD, spent three years of his life with a cyanide pill at the ready. Better to take his own life than to die at the hands of the Germans if they discovered he was saving the lives of fellow Polish villagers during World War II.

“I was afraid, but I controlled it,” Dr. Lazowski said.

The Polish doctor and a colleague hatched a plan to inject healthy villagers with a killed strain of typhus bacteria, which made residents test positive for typhus. Germans, who occupied Poland at the time, feared infection and an outbreak among soldiers, so they quarantined 12 villages instead of shipping villagers to German labor or death camps.

Over three years, the fake typhus epidemic saved about 8,000 villagers from camps where scores of their countrymen would die.

“People said I’m a hero. I just found an opportunity to do something good,” said Dr. Lazowski, 90, a humble man who appears frail with his shuffling walk but still commands a firm handshake. He was honored for his efforts by the AMA Senior Physicians Group at a luncheon during the AMA Annual Meeting in Chicago in June.

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13 Amazing Cirque du Soleil Performances

From OneMansBlog.com:

I’ve seen a number of Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas as well as in various cities when they travel. The bad news is that tickets normally run around $100 per person, and you have to buy them well in advance to get great seats. The good news is, you’ll never see anything cooler in your life, so the shows are worth every penny they charge. The even better news is that I’ve assembled 13 great acts here for you to see without having to pay to do it!