Baby Mouse Wine

Hmmm, does baby mouse wine go with beef or fish?

As if the fermented cabbage-flavoured Coolpis wasn’t bad enough we get this, wine infused with baby mice.

Used as a cure all in rural parts of Korea, it’s made by stuffing a hoard of two to three day old mice into a bottle of rice wine and leaving it to stew for, ooh, a good year or so.

After that you’ll have a ricey-mice concoction fit for… mentally scarring your own children.

(via Arbroath)

  • AeC

    If I ever visit Korea, remind me to go teetotaler.

  • McGee

    That is fucked up.

  • Marty

    Do you eat them like the tequila worm?
    Okay, I just threw up a little…

  • TDavis

    “Baby Mouse Wine”…….
    Wasn’t that a tune by The Clash?
    If not, it should have been.

  • Connie

    In Japan I saw Snake Sake, huge snake in a jar. And next to it was one with a lizard.

  • that is sick, poor baby mice

  • e

    If it’s Korean mice wine, why is the label in Chinse?

  • e

    sorry, typo. Chinese

  • Probably just a popular import.

  • Don king

    Was showing this to some Koreans earlier today who were disgusted by it and had never heard of such a thing.

    Writing is chinese characters.

    Koreans for the bum rap.

  • YoChris

    Do your research. I lived in Korea for a long time and I never heard of it nor saw it. Besides, the label is in Chinese. I know you can’t tell but trust me, that’s certainly not a Korean product.

  • claire

    Sicos! that grose! ew! pigs!