Baby Mouse Wine

Hmmm, does baby mouse wine go with beef or fish?

As if the fermented cabbage-flavoured Coolpis wasn’t bad enough we get this, wine infused with baby mice.

Used as a cure all in rural parts of Korea, it’s made by stuffing a hoard of two to three day old mice into a bottle of rice wine and leaving it to stew for, ooh, a good year or so.

After that you’ll have a ricey-mice concoction fit for… mentally scarring your own children.

(via Arbroath)


  1. Was showing this to some Koreans earlier today who were disgusted by it and had never heard of such a thing.

    Writing is chinese characters.

    Koreans for the bum rap.

  2. Do your research. I lived in Korea for a long time and I never heard of it nor saw it. Besides, the label is in Chinese. I know you can’t tell but trust me, that’s certainly not a Korean product.

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