Al Gore: the anti-Bush

OpEd from the LA Times:

When Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, conservatives reacted with apoplexy. Talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, conservative bloggers and other Republican faithful denounced the prize as a fraud.

You might wonder why they care so much — Gore, after all, is obviously not going to run for president, and even some conservatives now concede that global warming is real. The answer is that Gore’s triumph is a measure of George W. Bush’s disrepute.

When an Atomic Bomb Fell on South Carolina


As the plane climbed toward 15,000 feet, Captain Earl Koehler, 36, the plane commander, saw a light flash on his instrument panel. This was a warning and an urgent one: the electrical bomb-locking system was malfunctioning, and in the bomb bay lay an unarmed nuclear bomb.

Slipping Pig. Navigator Bruce Kulka unbuckled his seat and shoulder harnesses, scooted up from his seat in the nose to the crawlway, opened a hatch and squeezed into the floodlighted bomb bay. There the big bomb—SACmen call it a “pig”—hung from its single shackle. Cautiously, Kulka tried to slide a big steel pin through the shackle to hold the pig in case the electrical lock let go. The bomb began to wobble. Desperately, Kulka worked on.

Suddenly the bomb unhinged, dropped through the fragile bomb-bay doors, which flapped open, fell out of the B-47. Somehow Kulka managed to catch hold of something—he cannot remember what it was—and hung on for his life in the empty bomb bay in the whistling wind. Back in the flight cabin, Koehler heard a rumble, and Copilot Charles Woodruff idly noticed a shock wave radiating on the ground. “Just like a concussion wave from a bomb,” Woodruff told himself. Then, with a shock, he realized what had happened. Captain Koehler closed the bomb-bay doors and reported to his flight leader: “This is Garfield 13. I am aborting the mission.” He explained why, radioed his story for relay to his home base.

As No. 876 circled the area, taking photographs, logging everything, the airmen watched pale-faced as tiny ambulances sped toward a South Carolina community with the incredibly appropriate name of Mars Bluff.

Darth Vader Samurai Armor

And only $5,200.00!

Earlier this year the Yoshitoku Company transformed the iconic villain back into the design that inspired his well-known image in the first place. Yoshitoku’s “Samurai Vader” is a ¼ scale costume that even features a traditional bow and Samurai sword! The suit was created for a Japanese festival back in May called Tango no Sekku, which means “Boy’s Day”.

While some parts of the armor required cutting-edge sculpting technology, a lot of it is hand crafted with traditional materials. Even more interesting is the fact that most of the artists who worked on this are over 70 years old. They’ve obviously put their years to good use by producing such a masterpiece.