The End of the World

The good folks at have pieced together the puzzle of when we can expect the tribulation. It’s a complex code involving football scores but it’s all there. And surely the end of the world must involve the Jets in some way.

(David: The revelation below is given to Ross Verba, a professional football player for the Detroit Lions, who has been a part of our online assembly for a couple of years. This will prove prophetic when compared with Steve’s revelation about the New York Jets above.)

Here is where the detail to this prophecy gets much more precise and much more profound about what it is saying is coming in the future. In the first overtime game the New York Jets lost to the St. Louis rams 32-“29”. Notice the game was played at the beginning of the New Year just like 911 happened at the beginning of the millennium. Look at the Jets losing score “29” (2+9=”11″)!! The number 11 was the signature number of the events of Sept 11, 2001. Now notice the New York Jets lost this last season regular game, but they still got to go on with their season just like New York City lost on 911, but they were spared from total destruction and allowed to go on.

Now watch. The second overtime game played in CALIFORNIA on January the”8″th, the San Diego Chargers lost to the New York Jets 20-“17”. Look at San Diego’s losing score of “17” (1+7″8″). And here is a direct quote from the game: Kicker Doug Brien won the game for the Jets with a “28”-yard field goal!! Do you see the prophecy?! THE NUMBERS ARE IN PERFECT ALIGNMENT PROPHETICALLY POINTING TO “2008” FOR A MAJOR DISASTER TO HIT CALIFORNIA!!! A disaster “MUCH WORSE” than what hit NEW YORK in 2001!! Notice also in Michael Boldea’s dream the Eagle (AMERICA) was first attacked on its left wing. So with an Eagle facing you that is prophetically the East Coast of the USA (i.e. New York on 911). Then the Eagle is attacked much worse on its Right Wing meaning prophetically West Coast of USA or CALIFORNIA!!!

When you look at the prophetic evidence of this second game, combined with all the other evidence in this article, (realizing that the 1st game has already been prophetically fulfilled as the 911 event), we see the LORD revealing more and more about this end-time timeline that a MAJOR DISASTER in CALIFORNIA in 2008 will be at least one of the catalyst events that will shake the World up so as to set the stage for the Tribulation to begin in September of 2008!!

(via Pharyngula)