Something Awful Goon Arrested for Double Homicide


OVIEDO, Fla. — A 21-year-old accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and another man posted photos of the woman on a Web site with bullet holes in them before the crime, police confirmed Wednesday.

Oviedo police said Andrew Allred shot and killed Tiffany Barwick, 19, and Michael Ruschak, 22, inside a home located on Shady Oak Lane Tuesday.

Witnesses said Allred drove to the home and began to ram a car in the driveway.

“He must have smashed the car at least 10 times and then he got out and tried to kick the front door in unsuccessfully and then he ran around back,” neighbor Steve McCavlur said. “As soon as he ran around back, I heard gunshots.”

Neighbors said they watched as people inside the home run for cover in a hail of gunfire.

When officers arrived, they found Barwick and Rushak dead. A third man was found critically injured.

And of course, he posted about it on SA.

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